An energetic UFO encounter involving four metallic unidentified sphere-like objects and a military plane took place, and there are witnessess talking about it in detail.

On July 12, 2016, around 12 p.m. in Memphis, Tennessee, a military cargo plane was taking off from the Memphis International Airport. Five miles further, a man working in a warehouse was taking his lunch break and had a very clear close view of the cargo plane’s take off.  

Moments after, he witnessed how four metallic orb UFOs came out of a cloud then briefly followed the military cargo plane, forcing it to make a radical evasive maneuver and return to the take off point. Finally, the four metallic orbs vanished again into the clouds. The sharp turn after the sighting of the four orbs suggests that the crew was not aware of them, more like responded to a life-threatening situation.

“I saw a large military cargo plane — the kind that drops tanks out of the back with parachutes attached — taking off from the airport heading south, then turned to head east as it was taking off,” the witness reported.

“The plane made a small maneuver as the metallic orbs appeared out of the small clouds,” he wrote. “I thought to myself that the huge plane shouldn’t try that at such a slow speed.”

In the turmoil, the startled man managed to get a hold of himself and grabbed the camera to get a full picture of the sudden commotion in the sky. Despite the rapid deployment of the unexpected event, the witness was lucky enought to take a snapshot of the plane and the four orbs flying in a formation, in the same frame.


Orb UFOs seen from airplane

To his surprise, after checking the picture and looked back to the sky, the orbs were nowhere to be seen; most likely, the UFOs withdrawn into the clouds.

The witness report was submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and filed as Case 77636.

Involving the nature of the four metallic orbs, UFO blogger Scott C. Waring believes they were metallic alien orb UFOs with the mission to scan for technology, thus the planes attracted their attention as a valid scan target.

“Perhaps the orbs were hiding and waiting for planes, so they could scan the technology.”, excerpt from a post in Waring’s blog, UFO Sightings Daily.

It is well known among UFO enthusiasts that the areas surrounding Memphis International Airport are linked to multiple UFO sightings, making it a genuine UFO hotspot.

Another sighting also near the airport was reported on June 22, 2016, over highway I-55. As the witness was driving southbound to Memphis Airport, he approached the Delta Refinery about 3:30 a.m., spotted a UFO hovering in the sky at about 1000 – 1500 feet high.

“As we got closer, I slowed and rolled my window down and stuck my head out to get a better view. It was not moving nor making any sound,” the unnamed witness reported. “I could not believe what I was seeing.”


The witness was southbound along I-55 in Memphis near the Delta Refinery, pictured, when the UFOs were spotted hovering above on June 22, 2016. (Credit/Google)

“It seemed to be over twice the size of a 737 and [was] just hanging there in the sky, shaped like a V made of two rectangles, cut at the ends to make a point. I would guess the legs of the V to be 30-feet to 50-feet square and 200-feet to 300-feet long with the span at the back of the V about 150-feet.”

In the rush of the moment, the witness was tempted to search for the camera in his luggage but the risk of an accident made him give up the idea.

“The traffic was light, but it was all tractor trailer rigs,” he reported. “I tried adjusting my left rear view mirror, but could not see it even when I looked back.”

So far we’ve had no reaction from the authorities, but probably if any attention would be given, those so-called “UFO encounters” would be rapidly debunked as being military crafts in development, or some form of natural phenomenon that occurs briskly.


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