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Who are intergalactic beings, friends to humanity or foe? A famous Siberian mystic says that they are actually fearful of humans, at least the ones she has met. Yet, they are very curious and have crashed where she lives. The story of this woman Anastasia has opened minds of many people around the world since the book series of her messages have been printed in the 1990s. Some of this knowledge is about flying saucers and those who are in them.

Who Is Anastasia?

A Russian businessman met Anastasia on a work trip to Siberia. This meeting completely changed the course of his life.

This stunningly beautiful woman is like no one you meet on a daily basis. She has no need for civilization, consumerism, or the modern world. She lives in the forests and fields, receives help from animals, and connects to the cosmos and its messages instantly through her own method which is similar to a meditation.

In the books called “The Ringing Cedars” series, Vladimir Megre wrote about Anastasia’s words about flying saucers.

Who Comes From The Flying Saucers

Below are quotes from the books. Anastasia describes what she knows about flying saucers.

From her understanding and experience, alien beings play tricks on the human mind because they are afraid of us, and they are trying to protect themselves by scaring us instead.

“Anastasia, how do you know everything about a flying saucer?”

“They landed here and, I was in a certain way helping them to repair it”.

“Are they much smarter than we are?”

“Not at all.”

“They are immeasurably far away from man, they are afraid of him.”

“They are keeping their distance, though they are very inquisitive. “

Anastasia meets beings from the flying saucer. Art by Aljanov Kumar “Aliens on Anastasia’s meadow.”

“At the beginning they were afraid of me. They were trying to send paralyzing thoughts. All of them were trying hard making this effort. They were trying to frighten and surprise me. I did my best to calm them down and comfort them”.

“Well, what do you mean by “not smarter” if they can do the things which man is not yet able to?”

“What makes you so surprised? Bees are also constructing unbelievable things by using natural materials. They build ventilation and heating systems but it does not mean that their intellect is superior and stronger than man’s in the whole Universe. Just God’s is!”  

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