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Did you know you can report a UFO sightings online and by phone to the National UFO Reporting Center? Since 1974, the center (abbreviated as NUFORC) has been collecting information from thousands of witnesses. They have strict rules again hoaxers, and from the databases of cases they believe to be real, they choose reports to highlight, making it easier for all of us to find the best of evidence. 

Do you want to report a UFO or read others’ reports? NUFORC is a great resource for both. 

Do You Know How To Report a UFO?

NUFORC provides two methods of reporting a sighting. Any UFO sighting can be submitted to an online report form. You are not allowed to use names or addresses for the purpose of protecting everyone’s identities. Your report will not be published if it is a hoax or a joke.

The report a UFO form asks for the date, time, location, and the duration of the sighting; a sighting description; characteristic of the object or objects observed and close encounters if any. You may leave your information at the bottom only for NUFORC use if you want to be contacted by an investigator, want to mail photographic proof or have other inquiries. 

There is also a call option to report a UFO, but the rules are strict. Only sightings that happened within one week can be reported to a hotline at 206-722-3000. 

Noteworthy UFO Reports 2019

Last NUFORC update posted over 500 new sightings. The director of NUFORC Peter Davenport took time to weed out reports that were a result of recent 60 micro-satellites launch. If you report a UFO that has been identified, your report will be edited. All reports are proof-read. 

Davenport and NUFORC highlighted three recent stories as deserving the most attention.

Double-Diamond UFOs In Georgia

A man reported seeing flying double-diamond shaped UFOs with blue tails in the horizon over Macon, Georgia at 6:55 a.m. on April 4, 2019. The UFOs appeared early in the morning and were descending in the sky. They were dark in color and appeared large with long tails that looked like white-blue flames.

“I was amazed at the sight…[They] did not appear as a meteor or meteorite which I’ve seen in the past…If meteor, it would have caused massive impact and explosion, but did not,” reported the witness.

He also sent an illustration of what he saw, originally posted on NUFORC’s site. 

Illustration of what the witness saw. SOURCE: NUFORC

Although not always dark in color, diamond-shaped UFOs have been reported before. One of the most known one was recorded by Jeff Woolwine in Phoenix, Arizona on April 27, 2019.

All diamond shaped UFO reports on NUFORC going as far back as 1954 can be found here.

Triangular Craft Over Virginia

A woman in Staunton, Virginia reports seeing a triangular crafts hovering over her neighbor’s house for about ten minutes. This happened on May 6, 2019 at 10:37 p.m. while she was walking her dog outside her house. 

The craft was silent, unlike a helicopter, not changing in size unlike a flying plane, and had white lights that twinkled independently and sometimes would change to a different color of the rainbow.  

“As I stood still and tried to make sense of what I was seeing, I noticed that the actual object was not entirely stationary. It would move upwards a bit, then hover for about 30 seconds or so, then move a bit to the right, and then hover for about 30 seconds or so…The movements were smooth, repetitive, and in a subtle pattern. It reminded me of an intricate dance centered in one area,” the woman reported.  

She tried to record it on video using her iPhone a few times but each time the footage came out completely black and showed nothing. 

“I realized it wasn’t anything I could explain away.” 

To add to the mystery of this experience, her three cats came outside two, and all of them including the dog were peacefully sitting next to her, quietly and unusually for animals. 

She ran inside her house to grab her glasses, but when she returned the UFO was gone. Instead, there was a strange glowing cloud left in its place. She writes that the rest of the sky was clear. 

V-Shaped Craft In Ohio

On May 8, 2019 at 8:45 pm., a man reports observing a dark-gray V-shaped craft with about 10 lights around its shape. It was silently going at a high speed across the sky, and spotted in Cincinnati, Ohio. The craft was estimated to fly at about 15,000-20,000 feet altitude and was visible for roughly 15-20 seconds. 

The man reported that he was driving during the sighting, and got a short glimpse of the craft while stopped at a red light. He wrote that this short experience was life changing for him. 

This V-shape is most commonly called the chevron shape, and there are dozens of chevron craft sightings collected by NUFORC. 

Have you seen similar-shaped craft or different UFO types where you live? Comment below!

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