In the latest Patrick Bet-David podcast he had Dr. Steven Greer on the show. The episode covers a braod range of topics including the elites, the invention secrecy act of 1951, Tesla, UFOs and more.

What is The Invention Secrecy Act Of 1951?

The Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 is a United States federal law that empowers the government to impose secrecy orders on patent applications that might threaten national security. Under this act, the Commissioner of Patents, with advice from defense agencies, can withhold the publication of a patent application if its disclosure is deemed detrimental to national defense. Inventors whose patents are subjected to secrecy orders are prohibited from disclosing their inventions, and the government can use these inventions without compensating the inventor until the secrecy order is lifted.

The Act serves to prevent sensitive technological information from being accessed by potential adversaries, ensuring that advancements in fields such as cryptography, nuclear technology, and advanced weaponry do not fall into the wrong hands. Secrecy orders can last for one year but are renewable annually, and many have remained in effect for decades. The law also provides for penalties for unauthorized disclosure of inventions under secrecy orders.

While the Act plays a crucial role in national security, it has faced criticism for its impact on inventors, who are often left in the dark about why their patents are being suppressed and may experience financial losses due to the inability to commercialize their innovations. Balancing national security interests with the rights of inventors remains a contentious aspect of the Invention Secrecy Act.

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