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Is It True?
Could the beginning of the end of chemtrails be among us? This is for the conspiracy realists out there. Recent information has hinted claiming the end of chemtrails.

I ask you to look to the skies and tell us what you see. Are the streaks in the sky, which officials claimed for years to be contrails, really gone?


According to Operation Freedom’s Dr. Dave Janda there’s been “less crosshatching” in the sky and we have been seeing improvement in many areas in the past year.

Trump made an implication during his speech on July 4th that he’d taken over the chemtrail infrastructure from the Cabal.

Many have taken to tweeter to confirm whether or not they have been witnessing chemtrails in the sky. And many have declared that the trails in their skies are no longer there.

There’s also word floating around that action taken to purify the sky is underway. Whether this is true or not, we don’t know for sure.

Chemtrails have plagued our skies for years now. Could this be the end of chemtrails? Please let us know what you see?

Watch this video: The End of the Chemtrail Program

Host Sean Turnbull asked Janda whether the “president has taken control of the skies?” to which Janda replied that “chemtrails issue is being shut down.”

According to Janda, “the skies where I live, I noticed, Sean, about a year ago that there was far less crosshatching occurring than had been occurring for many, many years before that,”

“I noticed earlier this year that— and maybe it’s pure coincidence— but whenever the President would leave the country, the crosshatching would come back,”

“Not at the level it had been, but when he was out of the country there would be more crosshatching occurring in the skies above.”

Watch Video: Right Wing Watch with Dr. Dave Janda

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