We’ve shared a lot of alien abduction stories here over the years but none involving high profile political figures. This is the first case we’ve covered of that happening. A Russian politician by the name of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov claims to have been abducted by aliens.

Who is Kirsan Ilyumzhinov?

In the early 20th century, Kalmykia was called “the Switzerland of Russia” for its neutrality and isolation from much else. Today this remote republic is home to about 300 thousand people who share a unique culture with strong Buddhist roots—among them Kirsan Ilyumzhinov an unusual politician who has been president since 1991 This passage talks about how he became head monk in addition his duties as Head Of State. Ilyumzhinov is a millionaire businessman from Kalmykia who was elected president of his country in 1993. Ily’s heroes are Genghis Khan, the Dalai Lama and Bobby Fischer – The American chess champion. He considers them all great leaders that stand for peace amongst their people despite being foreign invaders or enemies at some point during history!

Legend has it that during the Stalinist era of repression, Ilyumzhinov built a number Buddhist temples at his own expense. He’s also an avid chess player and was elected head over World Chess Federation (FIDE), which uses French acronym as well. This small Kalmykian capital in Elista is now internationally recognized for hosting tournaments among players from all around world! People who play stress and are chess masters are incredibly strategic. That is the first thing to note.

What Are Exopolitics? (Out Of This World Politics)

Exopolitics has become a buzz word among some ufologists in the U.S., Europe and Latin America, but Russia’s rough-and-tumble political world was largely indifferent to this new trend until it erupted without any need for lobbyists orpressure groups calling on authorities to disclose UFO information as part of extraterrestrial contact negotiations with other civilizations.

Some people believe that aliens exist and could be visiting Earth currently; however there is little evidence outside witness Reports which would prove these claims unless we actually come into physical contact them first hand.

The international media has been abuzz with the recent revelation that Russia’s president met an alien at his Moscow apartment in 1997. Andrei Lebedev, a member of parliament for Liberal Democratic Party was not amused and wrote President Medvedev to voice how offended he felt about this news article online last May!

“I ask you to say if the head of Kalmykia has made an official report to the Russian presidency about his contacts with representatives of an alien civilization,” Lebedev wrote to Medvedev, adding: “Is there an established procedure of informing about such contacts by high ranking people who have access to secret information like Ilyumzhinov? And did he in the course of his seemingly innocent conversation disclose secret information?”

The Moscow Extraterrestrial Encounter

In an interview with the popular Russian TV host Vladimir Pozner in April, Ilyumzhinov revealed that aliens appeared in a transparent tube on the balcony of an apartment he owns in Moscow on September 17, 1997.

“I was reading my book, watching television and had almost fallen asleep,” said Ilyumzhinov. “Then I felt that someone was calling. I would not have believed it, if I had not had three witnesses—my driver, my minister and my aide.”

Although the Pozner interview received huge attention because of Lebedev’s letter and Karpov dispute, this was not Ilyumzhinovs first time discussing his alien encounter. He mentioned it back in 1999 during an interview with Svoboda radio station. Later on, he also discussed these events when speaking to reporters from Russian news outlet Rossiyskaya Gazeta or British press agency Guardian News & Media Ltd., where they were reported extensively by multiple outlets including The Independent (UK), Daily Telegraph(Australia) among others.

Michael Specter, who wrote a very in depth profile of the maverick Kalmykia leader for The New Yorker back in 2006, quoted from Ilyumzhinov’s 2001 interview: “The extraterrestrials put a yellow spacesuit on me. They gave me a tour of the spaceship and showed me the command center. I felt very comfortable with them.”

Ilyumzhinov gave further details to the British newspaper The Guardian in 2006: “They took me from my apartment and we went aboard their ship. We flew to some kind of star. They put a spacesuit on me, told me many things and showed me around. They wanted to demonstrate that UFOs do exist.” In another interview with British TV, Ilyumzhinov elaborated further on his ET contacts: “They are people like us. They have the same mind, the same vision. I talked with them, I understand that we are not alone in this whole world. We are not unique. I am not a crazy man. He claimed.

But after that when I gave the first interview to Radio Freedom in Russian five years ago, thousands—not hundreds—thousands of people wrote me letters and called me on the phone saying, ‘Kirsan, you are a politician and you aren’t afraid to speak about it’.

Vladimir Putin (Russian President) with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the politican kidnapped by aliens.

4,000 Alien/UFO Reports Yearly in The United States? Yep..

From the United States every year, it is an official statistic, more than four thousand people are contacted in such a way.” And then he linked two of his favorite subjects—chess and UFOs—with the bold statement that “my theory is that chess comes from space. Why? Because the same rules, 64 squares black and white and same rules in Japan, in China, in Qatar, in Mongolia, in Africa. The rules are the same. Why? I think it seems maybe it is from space.”

Just a few days before this, on June 10 the Russian newspaper Gazeta published an in-depth interview with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. In it he discusses his alien abduction as well as how Kalmykian politics has affected him over time; including that last topic which caused waves given what many people knew about him beforehand (such from when he discussed it back then).

“Twelve years ago there was no noise, everyone took this news normally,” he said. “After twelve years this has caused such an emotional discussion. I was glad to know this, that people from any part of the Earth write to me, I receive hundreds thousands of emails, photos and descriptions… I am only happy that a person starts to realize that he is not alone in this Universe, and stops being egoistic, being the only being with a mind, on this Earth… The faster we start feeling ourselves as part of universal intellect, the quicker wars and destruction of each other and creatures with mind shall stop.” He elaborated further on the spiritual significance on his alien encounter and how “this is something personal.” He also mentioned his close relationship with the famous Bulgarian seer Baba Vanga, who is revered throughout eastern Europe. He also stated for the record that, “for the first time I officially declared that I am not an agent of any extraterrestrial intelligence.”

Exopolitical Questions Raised From Kidnapping

Remember, the region of Russian that Kirsan Ilyumzhinov had political power is referred to as the “Switzerland” of Russia for it’s neutrality. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is a strategic thinker, a chess player. He already believes and is outspoken about it. Why do you think he was kidnapped? What did they discuss with him?

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