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Throughout the history of our collective fascination with UFOs and aliens, many brave whistleblowers have come forward with information the likes of which is enough to shock even the most skeptical of observers, especially considering the implications of what it might mean about human beings and our place in this vast, ever-expanding solar system.

Among them is Bob Dean, a retired Army Command Sergeant Major who served 28 years in the military before retiring to become a UFOlogist, speaking with may leading researchers in the field and revealing information that just may make your hair stand on the back of your neck.

Dean has routinely spoken about the subliminal ways in which people are conditioned to go along with the many “stupid games” governments want them to play, namely through watching television or surfing the web and being programmed to continue to live sedentary lifestyles, and to not question the status quo.

One of Dean’s greatest revelations involves a particular sighting that was first recorded way back in 1980, stretching deep into outer space. An identical object was again spotted 29 years later, he said, and it just make shake the very foundations of what we know about alien spaceships, UFOs, and everything in-between.

Leaked Images From Russian Space Program Shown Country-Sized UFO According to Dean, as quoted by the website NewsInstact.com, the revelation in question involves what may be the largest UFO ever caught on camera: a 2,000 miles-long, 500 miles-in-diameter purported alien spacecraft that was first spotted in 1980.

The craft was said to have been spotted near the rings of Saturn, astonishingly enough, and was later sighted again by the Cassini spacecraft in 2009, which recorded the anomaly of an identical object that was said to have the “energy” of an alien craft and is “controlled by intelligence.”

“They’re all over the damn place, they’re in our midst and they are our family,” Dean says in the video below, speaking about the hair-rising sightings that have captivated the imaginations of UFO enthusiasts across the country.

Hybridization is also a major project being undertaken by several different types of alien beings, Dean proclaims, adding that “some of them are nice and some of them are not.”

In the video, he showcases “an artificially constructed object about 2,000 miles in diameter…can you imagine the technology in a society that can build an object 2,000 miles long and 500 miles in diameter?”

He goes on to add that the object knocked a Russian craft aside as part of a picture slideshow.

According to Dean, the Soviets had attempted to land on Phobos, the moon of Mars, but “somebody came along and said you’re not going to do that,” the former Army sergeant states in the video, perhaps alluding to the hostile nature of some alien species and perhaps including those in the “country sized” crafts mentioned earlier.

Nuclear Bombs, Artificial Moons, and NASA Cover-Ups

Is NASA covering up what’s going on in deep space regarding these giant country-sized crafts, tales of artificial moons, and even the possibility of nuclear detonations by its fledgling spacecraft for research purposes?

Dean says in the video that one NASA funded craft, the Apollo-13, actually had marching orders to potentially detonate an on-board nuclear device on the surfaces of Phobos, which Dean added is almost certainly an artificial moon with a hollowed out center.

The purpose of such a detonation was to study any potential reverberations coming from it following the detonation of the nuke.

“…The ‘Others’ said you’re not going to do that,” Dean adds in his speech.

Dean goes on to describe how perhaps the most startling craft of all —  “The Mother,” which is apparently flanked by disc-shaped objects as well.

Check out the video below for all the details including on the “country-sized UFO” that has been causing havoc in deep space for decades.

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