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Nikola Tesla has been gone from this Earth for nearly 80 years, but his life’s work, and the vision of a more interconnected, peaceful and technologically evolved society, lives on.

Tesla was far ahead of his time, and part of what makes his career so fascinating is that he produced devices capable of both healing, connecting and enlightening an entire planet of people as well as devices capable of inflicting catastrophic damage and being used as weapons of war.

The Serbian inventor, electrical engineer and futurist has been the subject of many conspiracies over the years, and he even said in 1899 that he had received a message from “another world.”

Whether or not he was driven and connected with a consciousness beyond our own is still up for debate, but one thing’s for sure: the government has long taken an extra special interest in Tesla’s work, and now many of the documents had been seized and hidden for decades are finally being revealed to the world.

FBI Releases Seized and Hidden Tesla Documents for First Time

Tesla’s work, from a top-secret “death ray” to technology that preceded our modern day wireless communication grid, has mostly been kept secret from the mainstream because of the vast scope of his “out there” ideas and inventions.

After a transcendent career as an inventor, thinker, and powerful scientific creator and theorist, Tesla died alone in the New Yorker Hotel at the age of 86, devoid of the fame, power and support that his contemporaries were showered with over their careers.

“The FBI took all of his work and documents shortly after he passed away,” writes the YouTube channel Unexplained Mysteries in their video report on the FBI’s recent release of long hidden and previously seized Tesla documents.

“They denied this, however, but due to the Freedom of Information Act have (finally) released some documents.

Tesla was said to have known many things that reached far beyond the boundaries of space, time, and what most human thinkers and inventors even believe is possible. The documents released showcase some of his more curious inventions and theories.

Unfortunately, many of them never saw the light of day.

“I still think there are things Tesla knew but didn’t want us knowing about it so took it for their own,” the channel states in the video below. “I think he was a brilliant man and someone who could have changed our world.”

Unexplained Mysteries of The Tesla Files

Reporting on the release of the documents, Unexplained Mysteries describes in detail, with visual documentation and excerpts, what Tesla was able to accomplish in his mercurial time on this Earth.

From a dynamic theory of gravity unlike anything we’ve seen to “magical devices that could change the landscape of humanity,” the files contain descriptions, blueprints and designs of devices capable of transforming human history.

In fact, Tesla was said to have predicted the modern day cell phone grid by saying that the technology to contact others across the planet could “fit in a vest pocket.”

In the 64 pages of unreleased documents, collected by the government after Tesla’s passing a far more sinister device is described: Tesla’s death ray technology that could “take down enemies from miles away,” the report states.

The U.S. government is said to have swooped in and collected the documents to “ensure his work didn’t get into the wrong hands.”

Other key findings included his work on a wireless tower capable of producing a shocking 30 million volts of electricity, a process for decalcifying and cleansing metals to turn them into entirely new substances capable of producing incredible properties not previously seen, and even a device capable of “transmitting large amounts of power over vast distances…through the earth’s crust.”

Tesla also is said to have created an earthquake machine, and experimented with the theory that “any element can be broken down when subject to vibrations and frequencies.”

Altogether, Tesla was a transcendant human being who quite possible was inspired or supported by extraterrestrial intelligence, or something else from another world that we still don’t understand to this very day.

“He wanted to illuminate the whole truth, and mankind was not ready for it.”

Watch the full report on the “Tesla files” below, or view them here: https://vault.fbi.gov/nikola-tesla

Tesla’s Alleged Hidden UFO Technology

According to Disclose.TV, Tesla also patented his “first flying saucer that was not able to fly.”

It did not have its own propulsion system, and the idea never quite made it to the point where it could become a viable flying option.

This invention shows just how ambitious and creative Tesla really was, and why many people remain skeptical that his contributions to humanity are being used properly by the United States government, several years after the engineer’s generational works were seized and hidden from the public for decades.

The saucer was said to be connected to one of Tesla’s massive energy producing wireless towers that exudes energy.

“Furthermore, the navigation system is extremely complex because it is composed of a capacitor conchoidal large enough that provide traction and other capacitors underlying direction to which were added other complex systems flight. Basically, it is a highly complex aircraft that could be built with technology held today. The only problem is that Tesla’s UFO propulsion system has its own, which is why it still could not fly.”

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