A bridge in India has been discovered that challenges all of our assumptions about human history. The experts will say that humans only arrived on Earth some 60-70 thousand years ago, but this discovery proves otherwise – it’s 1.7 million years old!

A renowned geologist has discovered what could be the key evidence of humanity’s existence millions of years ago.
As director for India’s Geological Survey, Dr K Vijaya Bhat believes he found remnants from an ancient artificial bridge that indicates our species was able to build structures outlasting natural disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis before they were even invented!

The bridge is a fascinating structure that spans an ocean. The ratio of 10:1 fits the actual measurements seen today, with the alleged visible facility taking up relatively large area from India to Sri Lanka in length and widths respectively.

It’s hard to believe that a million years ago, our ancestors had already built bridges with similar proportions. The Kɪпɡ Rɑᴍɑ (I-Pronoun) is one such bridge and it was build more than ten thousand years before construction began on this new project!

Bridge from an elevated view.

In Hinduism, the alleged bridge was constructed by the Hindu god named Rama. Kɪпɡ Rɑᴍɑ is said to be the ᴄᴏпѕᴄɪᴏᴜѕпᴇѕѕ and spirit ᴏf ʜɪпԀᴜɪѕᴍ, one of the oldest lasting religions in the world also known as Ѕɑпɑтɑп Dһɑгᴍɑ.

The bridge is known as the Rama Setu by some, but it’s more commonly called Adams Bridge. In India’s epic Ramayana–which tells of how Prince Ravendev incarnation found a land bridge between Sri Lanka and India which became his coronation seat after vanquishing an evil demon king named Mahiravana with help from Hanuman The Monkey God who helped him build this structure during one chapter in particular-the phrase “Rava Adi” or easily crossing over can be heard said many times throughout its pages. At first glance these words may sound similar but they actually have different meanings entirely!

The prehistory of humankind is a topic that many people are passionate about. One piece of evidence which suggests humans have existed on Earth much longer than we’re told comes from India, where Dr S Badrinarayanan – former director and coordinator for geological survey at NIOOT- found an unknown structure in ocean sediments off the coast with carbon dating techniques he developed himself!

After studying core samples of the bridge, he is convinced that we’re not talking about a natural formation as suggested by other scientists but at an artificial structure built more than one million years ago.

Dr. Badrinarayanan and his team drilled ten boreholes along the alignment of Adam’s Bridge, with alarming discoveries at 6 meters below surface level; an even layer of calcareous sandstone made up mostly by corals as well as boulders-like materials were found inside it.

The divers underwater were surprised to find an even deeper layer, with more boulders. This confirmed that they came from either side of the causeway bridge itself! Dr. Badrinarayanan also suggests that there is evidence of ancient quarrying in these areas.

In a discussion board on Rediff, Dr. Badrinarayanan revealed that he believes the causeway was created by humans and not nature. He went onto say: “It is artificial; there are signs of human intervention in its top portion.”

“To understand what I am saying from the geological point of view, you have to get to know several things.
“What is known as Adam’s Bridge is originally a natural grade divide separating the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean to the south. So, the geological aspects are different on either side.”

Dr. Badrinarayanan further added:

“We found marine sands on top and below that was a mixed assemblage of corals, calcareous sandstones, and boulder-like materials.”

“Surprisingly below that up to 4–5 meters (13–16 feet), again we found loose sand, and after that, hard formations were there.”

“Below the corals and boulders, we are getting loose sand, which means it is not natural.”

The bridge in the Ramayana is said to have been built on top of an elevation that was covered with large and small stones. These rocks float when placed into water, so it’s possible for them not only use these materials but also build their foundation upon this sturdy base!

Many disagree with Dr. Badrinarayanan, but Suvrat Kher is not one of them! The geologist specializes in marine formations and firmly believes that the alleged bridge was naturally made by nature over time- a process he calls ” sedimentation.”

Regarding the bridge, Dr. Kher stated:

“During the Pleistocene ‘ice-age period, glacial buildup and melting forced fluctuations in sea-level by tens of meters, setting up the conditions for several episodes of coral reef and sand shoal formation.”
“During periods of large sea-level drops in the Pleistocene, there would have been a land connection between India and Sri Lanka.”

“But at the end of the last Wisconsin glaciation, the sea-level began to rise worldwide.

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