A fascinating and at the same time rare sighting of a UFO flying over an active volcano has been recorded by the surveillance cameras tracking volcanic activity on January 3, 2016.

Accounts show that a large number of UFOs are attracted by high amounts of energy, whether it originates from a powerful lightning storm, an active volcano or even a large crowd of people. While some sightings appear to be accumulating energy from the storm clouds, possibly for recharging, others seem to be studying human behavior from above.

However, when it comes to active volcanos, UFOs tend to have a more peculiar behavior. UFO analysts have launched different theories about the unexplained pattern a UFO follows when found over an erupting mountain, but let’s first have a look at this recent case to better understand the situation.

A couple of weeks back, the cameras constantly recording the Colima Volcano surprised a UFO flying over the top just before the eruption. About five seconds into the video, a strange disc-shaped craft makes its presence noticed, and when the volcano erupts, it flies right over it. Is it likely that the passing UFO is responsible for the immediate eruption?

According to some UFO researchers, volcanos might act as a transition zone between the outer realm and the inner Earth, often referred to as Shamballa or Agartha. In the moment of the eruption, the flying craft appears to drop something inside the raging mountain.

Could this be interpreted as a propulsion system which sent the pilots of the UFO through the active volcano and further into the Inner Earth?

If this is the case, we can only guess, but there are other videos revealing UFO activity near the erupting volcanos. Could there be a link between them after all?


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