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Oumuamua, a massive cigar-shaped object which came from the depths beyond our solar system, was spotted in October 2017. Having approached our sun, Oumuamua is once again traveling out of our solar system.

The interstellar object, sparked many speculations as to whether or not it’s an alien spaceship. According to astronomer Matthew Knight, “We have never seen anything like Oumuamua in our solar system. It’s really a mystery still.”

“But our preference is to stick with analogues we know, unless or until we find something unique. The alien spacecraft hypothesis is a fun idea, but our analysis suggests there is a whole host of natural phenomena that could explain it.”

Researchers claim to have never seen an object of this size and shape travel through our solar system. Many theories had been formed over the course of that time and many of those theories have been debunked.

And although the object is beyond reach to be further analyzed. Many researchers rejected the idea that Oumuamua is an alien spacecraft.

The team of scientists examining Oumuamua have concluded that everything about the object points to a natural phenomenon.

They agree that the object is dense, reddish in color and that its metal rich composition is caused by radiation. This is the only comparison scientists can make that is common with other objects in our solar system.

But the object remains very strange. It is said to have been travelling for hundreds of millions of years across the universe. It measures at 400 meters in length which is very peculiar. It spins on its sides and lacks ice and the emission of gasses unlike other asteroids. Oumuamua is nothing like the asteroids and comets we have seen before. Its travel cannot be explained by gravity alone.

So, Could This Object be a Spaceship?

Even the weirdness of it couldn’t fully explain natural phenomena but it is much more difficult to argue that this is a spaceship run by aliens.

“This thing is weird and admittedly hard to explain, but that doesn’t exclude other natural phenomena that could explain it,” explains Knight.

Scientists have other theories that can explain the interstellar object. One of which could be a planetesimal fragment or debris thrown into space. A planetesimal is a planet still in its formation process. Some of the fragments of these fetus planets are often ejected into space.

It’s possible that there are many fragments like this in space but we have yet to spot one, until possibly now.

According to astronomer Matthew Knight “We may start seeing a new object every year.”

“That’s when we’ll start to know whether ‘Oumuamua is weird, or common. If we find 10-20 of these things and ‘Oumuamua still looks unusual, we’ll have to reexamine our explanations.”

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