There are many doubters that do not believe that NASA and other Government agencies are interfering with the weather through weather manipulation. This video is quite shocking to say the least.

The engines in this video below use 500,000 gallons of fuel. NASA built an engine in the wetlands of Mississippi. The first thing they installed was a huge loudspeaker to play white noise. They did this to simulate the sound of a rocket. They then sent a number of trucks into different directions out into the wilderness. The drivers were ordered to stop when the numbers became acceptable. This gave them an imaginary boundary line, and anyone living on the inside of it was often a simple choice.

Stay, and you’ll never hear another television program again or leave and take NASA’s money. Every single one of them left.

NASA ended up with exactly what they wanted. 125,000 acres of nothing. They even had to move 5 cemeteries because the noise they planned on making would quite literally wake the dead. What? Yeah. Talk about “Playing God” here.

Their machine makes the loudest sound you could possibly conceive, but also quite “clean” according to them. The cloud that this machine made is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. It’s water vapor. This cloud will actually cause rain. The announcer shares.

“I Told you, it’s raining. That’s unbelievable. NASA is playing God. It’s making it’s own weather.”

This video will shock you:

The man reporting says “NASA is playing God, it’s making it’s own weather.”

What do you think about this?

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