A self-described retired defense intelligence officer held a news conference at the honorable Washington D.C. Lincoln Memorial on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 to boldly reveal a peculiar extraterrestrial encounter she had back in 2018.

Angelia Lynn Johnston, preferred alias Añjali, stood before Honest Abe and told a mysterious story that occurred in some unknown location deep in the Mojave Desert [a desert in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the Southwestern United States].

Añjali claims there to be a secret hidden base inside a Mojave mountain where real world extraterrestrials reside. Her story consists of her happening upon two strangers who decidedly showed her the secret that tunnels lead to the concealed base. It was there in this base that she says she met, Face to face, two aliens of two different races who successfully communicated with her through her consciousness, telepathically.

She placed an emphasis on these beings being peaceful and supplied descriptions of them and the base. Añjali implied that the aliens were here to tell us how screwed up we and our planet are and that they are here to help us fix these major problems plaguing our existence. She also made a soft disclosure on the need for humanity to evolve and transcend into a higher 4th dimension which involves a new form of communication without the need for language.

Añjali boldly announced that she has plans to bring reporters, a well-known documentarian an astronaut and scientists to the alleged secret base to meet with the “higher beings” from her encounter. They will then provide their data to the public to help analyze.

Añjali has not given a specific date for this peculiar rendezvous, but she affirms that it will definitely happen before the end of this year, 2021.

We will keep a close eye on this story as it develops. Until then, do we believe her? Sure, anything is possible, but probability is a whole different story.

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