“What happened to me wasn’t that unusual, unfortunately. What was unusual was that I remembered it.”

At the Detroit Disclosure Conference in Detroit, Tony Rodrigues, a 49 year old woodworker, recounted his 20 year long experience being passed from secret black opp to secret black opp. He calls these abductions a  “20 and back”. This is when someone is taken for 20 year incriminates. One set of 20 years abducted is referred to as a “tour” – similar to a Military “tour”.

In April of 2015, Tony went in for an MRI that subsequently opened up the floodgates to 20 years worth of repressed memories that he had completely forgotten existed. 

These shocking memories sent him into an anxiety induced panic. He knew he couldn’t seek any kind of professional help as they would just try to heavily medicate him and shrug off the validity of his memories. 

He began to talk about things with others and recounted places and events that seemed fantastical and unbelievable. Regardless of how inexplicable these events seemed, he managed to beat the curve in the disclosures of his memories before, as luck would have it, they began to be officially disclosed by the government, thus validating his memories as fact. 

This sent Tony on his current mission to help others to retrieve their industrially erased memories from their 20 year tours. 

This is such a common occurrence that many people actually have these memories, but don’t even know that they were taken! 

How did Tony arrive to his 20 and back?

Back in 1982, Tony was in the fourth grade’s “talented and gifted” program consisting of the top 5th percentile of  children in the whole region. It was in that weekly program that he met a boy from a rich family who would change his life. Tony did not get along with the boy. Tony had said some very hurtful things to the boy that sent him into a full fledged hatred for Tony.

“My dad is in the Illuminati, what’s your dad do?”

This boy claimed his very well off father was in the Illuminati. He happened to be in town on business working a deal with coca-cola. While in town, the father was a judge at Tony’s science fair. During this science fair Tony remembers the boy pointing at him saying, “dad, there’s that boy I told you about”. Tony remembers the boys father saying something along the lines of, we’ll send him on a breakaway and take care of this. 

That happened on a Wednesday and the next morning on Thursday Tony woke up with a grey extraterrestrial in his face. 

The Grey that greeted Tony upon arrival.

Another kind of reptoid extraterrestrial came into his room, picked him up and carried him to the end of his bed when there was a flash of bright light. 

Reptoid extraterrestrial that convinced Tony to give permission to “borrow” his consciousness.

Immediately after the bright light, he woke up in some sort of laboratory or surgical room. He recalls that it was a dull grey, rounded room. It was here that these ET’s got Tony’s permission telepathically to borrow his consciousness in order to run some tests on him to see if he had the genetics they were looking for so they could use him for secret programs.

Tony tested in favor of what these ET’s were searching for and was instructed that he would begin his first program the following day. 

Brief overview of Tony’s 20 and back.

The next day Tony woke up in Inyokern, California with complete amnesia. He had no memory of who he was, of his mother or father, and no memory of his childhood. This industrial hypnosis was so strong that he even struggled to regain his speech as he had a hard time remembering how to speak English. 

From there he was passed along from an evolving trauma based mind control program to the back of the moon for a chemically induced remote viewing program. 

Trapezoid base on the back of the moon.

He was then shipped to Seattle where he was sold to be privately owned by a practicing satanist billionaire who shipped him to Peru to use him for remote viewing of illegal drugs and goods. In his time with the Seattle billionaire Tony witnessed many satanic rituals and was forced to partake in sex parties similar to the infamous Pizzagate. 

The Seattle billionaire then had him trained in calisthenics and had him on some sort of regimen of unknown pills. Tony became allergic to these pills forcing the billionaire to sell him off to a secret space program.

In this secret space program, Tony was trained as a suicide soldier researching and perfecting the fight or fight response in an arena against insectoids. This program used eye drops to deliver “bioneural” properties that would show him endless movies delivering the message that “the most noble thing you can do is give your life to your brother”. The purpose of these mind control movies was to teach him that when faced with combat to not run from an enemy. He was meant to be trained support soldiers for our military.

From there he was shipped to Mars on a combat mission with more insectoids. This program was cancelled due to the insectoids adapting much faster than anticipated. 

He was then shipped to larger underground city working ship maintenance on the Ceres Colony Corporation between Mars and the Asteroid belt. This colony was ran by Deutche Nazis that lived under a treaty with ETs. 

His last mission was on a spaceship as a cargo engineer.

What information did tony bring back? 

Tony went on to say that World War I was about money and World War II was actually about interstellar flight. The Germans, Americans, and a consortium of corporations have been settling the solar system since WWII. 

Tony insisted that interstellar flight is a reality and we have contact with ET races in which we have been trading resources with. We have even been trading human beings as a resource with extraterrestrials in exchange for technology. 

Time travel was involved in this experience as at the end of his interstellar tour, Tony was age regressed back to that same night he was taken. 

In the graph above you can see the timeline of Tony’s life, including the 20 years he lived in the single night he was taken. The first short horizontal line is from birth to 10 years. The vertical line is the night he was taken that travels up to the parallel horizontal timeline where he lived those 20 years. At the end of that timeline, we see a diagonal line leading directly back to the night he was taken where his timeline continues until this very day. 

Before he returned back to his original timeline, the extraterrestrial beings had industrially hypnotized him again, erasing his memory yet another time and returning all of his old memories back to him. They had also done some surgical procedures in combination with the hypnosis to make him forget names, faces, and the entire segment of time he was gone. 

Upon his return Tony ran downstairs to his family where he exclaimed, “I haven’t seen you guys in years!” 

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