Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Defense Minister, has long asserted that extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for many years. According to Hellyer, aliens perceived humanity as a significant threat to the cosmos after witnessing the detonation of the atomic bomb.

Hellyer believes that four distinct species of aliens have been visiting Earth for millennia. While he doesn’t possess concrete evidence, he claims to have access to such information. In an interview with Russia Today, he stated, “Of course, there’s been a lot more activity in the last few decades.”

Hellyer Discusses Cosmic Surveillance

He attributes this increased Alien activity to humanity’s development of atomic weaponry. Hellyer contends that aliens are concerned we might use these weapons repeatedly, potentially disturbing the balance of the cosmos. He implies that their visits serve as a kind of cosmic check-up: “What the hell are they doing in that insane asylum today?”

Hellyer also mentioned that whistleblowers, akin to Edward Snowden, have disclosed government awareness of alien visits. “It doesn’t take long to get your hands on it,” he said. However, Hellyer’s own encounter with a UFO seems less convincing; when describing it, he remarked, “It just looks like a star.” He also suggested that the Star of Bethlehem was “one of God’s flying saucers.”

Previously, Hellyer believed there were between 2 and 12 alien species, but he now suggests there could be as many as 80 based on recent reports. Interestingly, some of these aliens reportedly resemble humans. He recounted an incident where two alien women, disguised as nuns, went shopping in Las Vegas without arousing suspicion.

These aliens vary in appearance: some are tall “Nordic blondes,” others are short “Short Grays,” and some resemble cartoon aliens. Hellyer reassured that only one or two species might be hostile, though he did not specify if they spoke Klingon.

Alien Knowledge for Sustainable Living

Hellyer has previously stated that aliens possess the knowledge to help us live more sustainably. He believes they are willing to share their advanced technologies and ways of living, but they await our consent, fearing a negative reaction if they reveal themselves.

Despite humanity’s long-standing desire for extraterrestrial intervention, Hellyer claims that aliens are “light years” ahead of us in technology. He asserts that many modern inventions, such as microchips and Kevlar vests, originated from these extraterrestrial sources. He believes we could gain even more technological advancements if we pursued peaceful interactions with them.

Alien Contributions and Future Potential

Hellyer warned against hostile actions towards UFOs, suggesting that we might need a Star Wars-like defense capability if we continue to shoot them down. While some may dismiss Hellyer as eccentric, our fascination with extraterrestrial life perhaps reflects a dissatisfaction with our current state.

The most challenging aspect of Hellyer’s claims is his belief that most alien species are benign, loving, and progressive. The idea that we could access superior attitudes and technologies, but fail to do so due to our own reluctance, is deeply tragic.

So, dear aliens, could you demonstrate your benevolence by addressing a few of our current concerns? Surely, with your advanced technology, you know what they are. I’m asking nicely. Pretty please?