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One of the most enduring UFO stories of the last century is that of Val Valiant Thor. Valiant Thor was supposedly a benevolent extraterrestrial hailing from the planet Venus who, in the late 1950s, landed in a small town in Virginia. After hearing word of this, the Pentagon allowed Val Thor and his 3 man crew to visit the Pentagon many times over a 3 year span. Between these 3 years, Val is said to have visited the Pentagon an untold number of times. Conversing with the military elites and senior politicians, Val claimed that the reason he and his crew had decided to visit the Earth was to warn us away from our increasingly deadly nuclear escapades and to spread the word of Jesus Christ. As crazy as that may sound, Val’s reasoning was that the Earthly interpretation of the Bible was somewhat correct in its portrayal of Jesus Christ but instead of being a saintly scion, Jesus was, in fact, an extraterrestrial visitor from the stars.

Friendly Space Brothers

 Among those that Val was purported to meet was then Vice President Richard Nixon, who was quoted as saying “You have certainly caused quite a stir…for an out of towner”. The central mission of Val’s expedition to our planet was supposedly to advocate for nuclear disarmament, like many of the “space brother” visits that ran rampant through the 1950s. During the height of the cold war these types of benevolent visits were the most prevalent form of ET encounter, perhaps due to a genuine wish for us to disarm our nuclear arsenals from concerned celestial neighbours, or perhaps some of these visits came about as a result of the collective subconscious fear of Mutually Assured Destruction shared by most everybody in the late 1950s. Regardless of their origin, many of these visits are undeniable and the message behind these “space brother” visits still holds true to this very day.

Stranger At The Pentagon

Much of our information on Val comes from the book Stranger at the Pentagon written by Evangelical preacher Frank Stranges. Stranges claimed that after hearing of his prolific UFO conference talks Val had requested a meeting with him personally, in order to commend him on his work and to inform him of the true origin of Jesus Christ. Stranges claimed that the two became fast friends and that he visited with Val many times over the three years he was among us. Val also met several times with president Eisenhower, about whom there are countless UFO and fringe theories. 

Treacherous Treaties

Val Thor’s visit to the planet Earth is notorious throughout the UFO community, in part due to the fact that he met with so many high ranking individuals and due to the fact that Val’s mission seemed to be the polar opposite of the Greys that Eisenhower had met with in the early 50s. His meeting with the Greys amounted to a treaty allowing them to do as they please with certain members of the human race, and perhaps it was this negative outcome that encouraged Eisenhower to be so welcoming to Val Thor.

Necessary Precautions

With increasing ET contact during this period, perhaps Eisenhower felt it necessary to have another alien race on side if conflict with the Greys were to ever break out. His friendliness and welcoming attitude to alien interlopers may have meant that if ever the planet Earth were in danger, somebody like Valiant Thor would be able to assist us and ensure that we did all immediately perish. 

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