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With UFO activity constantly intensifying, there is real chance that we’ll get to see an accurate recording of these flying devices in the near future, as more and more sky watchers are upgrading their gear to effectively document these things.

You’re probably aware by now of the orb-UFOs transiting planet Earth. The orb phenomenon is starting to take shape as more people across the world are witnessing the peculiar things these small and rapid buggers do. The UFO community is rapidly adapting to the possibility of them being intelligent organic entities or biological alien lifeforms, although it’s likely that some of the appearances are artificial crafts.

Whatever the case, I have some more evidence showing these amazing UFOs dashing through the clouds over Melbourne, Australia. Numerous such orbs are observed on a daily basis by the vigilant sky watchers, but there is still no close-up shot of them that would highlight their particularities. So for the time being, we’ll have to go along with a distant perspective that’s not to be neglected as it reveals feats like tremendous speed, circular energy shield or reflective material, and some other particularities such as the ability to change shape or even multiply.

The orb-UFO analyzed today has some distinct particularities that will help widen our perspective over these things. It was surprised by Peter Maxwell Slattery of YouTube on the 28th of February, 2016, and it reveals a peculiar type of orb with wing-like features. Other than its unusual shape that’s resembling the wingspan of a butterfly, the orb you’re about to see meets the usual traits seen in other orb-UFOs.


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Watch carefully as the flying object enters the scene from the upper right side of the screen. The first part of the video reveals its hasty movement through the clouds, which are probably used as a cover-up from ground devices. The second part of the video is cropped in order to have a more focused look on the object. With this in place, the unusual shape of the UFO is clearly noticed, and it’s not like the usual circular sphere design we’ve been accustomed to. So what’s with the unusual wingspan if these things are called ‘orbs’?

According to UFO analysts, this could be either because the UFO is constantly adapting to the powerful winds from above, thus morphing into a more aerodynamic device, or because these presumed wings are actually solar panels that charge the device. These hypothesis lead to two separate interpretations of the sighting.

First of all, the orb-UFO could be a zeroid that’s organic in nature and it’s constantly modifying its shape to adapt to every condition. However, this contradicts the belief of these beings generating a circular energy shield whenever they enter our earthly domain. So could this object have in fact artificial origins?

Well, if we look at the presumed wings, it’s likely they are solar panels meant for fueling the craft and also for stabilizing it better during a flight. With this idea in place, it remains to be determined whether the flying device is a concept of the military or of some unknown alien species residing on our planet. Precisely determining these facts is literally impossible for the moment, but considering that Australia is surrounded by water it’s likely that both theories are correct, since both the military and UFOs appear to be attracted by large masses of water. These devices could either be launched from military platforms in the middle of the ocean, or from underwater alien bases.

Until further proof emerges, we can only speculate, but with every catch we’re getting near to elucidating this mysterious UFO phenomenon.