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In my last article, I briefly ran through the sordid history behind NASA’s origins, including the NAZI engineers and scientists instrumental in forming NASA. I also briefly touched upon their more recent conspiratorial efforts such as the constant live stream issues that NASA supposedly encounters. This article will be an expansion of that point, and will also include discussion of a more extreme conspiracy concerning NASA.

A numbers game

To begin with, NASA has some of the world’s most innovative and forward thinking engineers, designers and scientists working for them. With that in mind, you would think that NASA would be able to handle or deal with simple issues such as connection or network issues. The fact that NASA claims their feeds cut out so often looks bad for them. Not only does it reek of lies, but it also gives people the impression that NASA, the people responsible for our cosmic expeditions aren’t too clever. As of writing this article, there are about 4,987 man-made satellites orbiting the Earth. Personally, I find it absurd that NASA seems to be almost always falling out of range of these satellites. Would it be too difficult for their 24/7 live streams to actually be 24/7? The fact that NASA seem unable to fix this issue is startling, and indicates that they either are too lazy or too stupid to fix it. Personally, I think it’s neither. NASA could easily fix this issue if they wanted to, but they would then have no way of covering up the stream of UFO encounters and visits that the Earth receives.

Mainstream Attention

These stream issues are not resigned to forteana or fringe theory either, with MSM publications writing prominent articles about them whenever they happen. In 2014, an article published by USA Today discusses how a bright object was observed on the feed falling into view before the stream cut due to apparent technical issues. This is just one of many such incidents, and every incident NASA has claimed that there were technical issues and that the feed cut automatically as opposed to being cut due to any otherworldly hi jinks. To be perfectly honest, I think that NASA cuts the feeds deliberately. While I do believe that a lot of NASA is falsified and lies, I do believe the ISS is actually in orbit around our planet, partly due to the fact that we can actually observe it at certain times and intervals. 

Live stream Fails

With that in mind, I find it far more believable that NASA would cut feeds to avoid disclosure than them cutting feeds due to technical issues, and when it comes down to it either of these are more plausible than the entire ISS being fictional. There are a multitude of these live streams which can be found online where NASA has not been quick enough with the cut, allowing people to catch a fleeting glimpse of some sort of object in the vicinity of our planet. In March of this year, popular Ufologist Scott Waring reported and captured what is ostensibly a huge UFO not too far from the station. Following this sighting the feed was cut, but by that point the images had been captured and the cut was pointless.

Photo credit: Scott Waring of UFOsightingsdaily


Ultimately, I find it highly likely that NASA has been hiding the existence of UFOs from the general public, and I find it even more likely that their preferred tactic of this is to simply avoid the questions brought up by their peculiar live streams, and instead act as if it is some mistimed technical issue. I do also feel that we are closer to widespread disclosure than ever before, and certainly within my lifetime I expect to see it. NASA most likely will not be involved in this though as their own agendas are perhaps far more malicious than the peaceful facade behind which they hide.

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