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Now that the ice caps in Antarctica are melting, a structure that resemble a gigantic face has revealed itself. The structure was first seen through Google Earth.

The face is now being called Gigantica due to the fact that it was discovered in Antarctica and is gigantic. The ice caps have been melting progressively over the years which makes us wonder what else we may find. 


Could the giant structures belong to a lost civilization? And could they some how be related to extra-terrestrials.

Many structures that couldn’t possibly be created naturally but by some kind of intelligent life have appeared in other places and planets such as the moon and mars.

According to the video, “It seems to be some kind of mega structure similar to the famous face of mars (Cydonia).”

Face structures found on Mars

Astronomers in 1976 were shocked to find a structure resembling an alien face on mars. This was discovered via a satellite image and looks like it may have been created by intelligent beings.

Face structures found on the moon

Many people believe that the face, which melted out of the mountains of west Antarctica, has an alien appearance as well.

The structure, which is 600 meters wide and 1 kilometer long, appears to reveal a large forehead, a single slanted eye, a nose and a mouth.


What can these finding mean for the world? Is it possible that there is more hidden and are they likely to be revealed as the ice further melts?

“Could this be something that has been left of some ancient Antarctic civilization?” says the author of the YouTube video.

“The melting of Antarctica could reveal structures that will shock the world,” 

Some claim that the images are simply an illusion created by the human mind where we see faces in common objects which happen to be random. This occurrence is called pareidolia.

Personally, I don’t see this as the case. The image is just to specific and apparent and does not in anyway look like it was formed by mother nature playing with the wind and ice.

I guess time will tell as the ice is continuously melting. If the image or structure does not alter and dissolve away but rather reveal a more intricate and detailed structure, then we will at least discover whether or not it was created by some sort of intelligent civilization.

You can see the giant structures by entering these coordinates:

72 ° 00′36.00 ″ S, 168 ° 34’40.00

What do you believe? Watch the video below. 

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