One runs a secretive aerospace company while the other is the Director of a worldwide UFO detection network. Care to guess who said what?

One of them says the mere idea of UFOs at Area 51 is ‘complete nonsense’ while the other claims the infamous alien ships are really close by.

The defense industry insider obviously has contacts in the military since his company develops advanced navigation systems and manned fighters. So when he tells us to our faces that Area 51 sees no alien activity whatsoever, do we take his word for it? Wouldn’t someone who is collaborating with the government on advanced flight systems (of all things!) see it in his best interest to protect sensitive information about presumably alien craft?

In a recent interview with the British newspaper Express, Unicorn Aerospace founder Andre Milne gave us the official description for Area 51 we all know:

“Area 51 is a highly secured aerospace facility tasked with a wide variety of objectives to ensure the United States maintains a cutting edge of tactical air superiority against any potential threats.”

This is true but leaves room to interpretation. A wide variety of objectives could very well include research into alien technology and reverse-engineering of UFOs. Having a fleet of flying saucers could definitely come in handy whenever you feel like maintaining your superiority over someone or some nation.

andre milne area 51 insiderThat is why Milne was quick to set the record straight about what goes on at Area 51, behind closed hangar doors.

“Area 51 is a very well secured US Air Force base that is mandated to test and evaluate the performance of experimental and or classified US military aircraft. The whole alien question being run out of Area 51 is complete nonsense.

So the main activity at Area 51 seems to be a lot of testing. Secret aircraft, Russian aircraft, but not alien spacecraft.

And you know what? As insulting as it might seem at first, the Area 51 insider Andre Milne might be telling the truth. Think of it this way: maybe Area 51 used to house the alien projects but in the 1980s and 1990s it caught too much of the public’s eye so they moved operations ten miles away, to the S4 facility. Sure, Bob Lazar might have spilled the beans on the S4 facility in 1989 but this one is different.

The U.S. Government didn’t acknowledge Area 51 until recently but the general population was well aware it existed. It was right there, in the open, albeit access to the nearby area was strictly prohibited. On the other hand, S4 does not exist, at least according to officials. The infamous base is said to be hidden on the grounds of Nellis AFB, near Papoose Range. The only way to land on or take off from this base is through massive sliding doors camouflaged and inclined in such a way to match the angle of the neighboring slopes. At S4, they really value secrecy.

Bob Lazar claimed only a select few were allowed access at S4 and they were transported in blacked-out busses driving along a nondescript dirt road. If this secret facility is a real place, it makes sense for the government to want to keep it hidden.

Supporting Lazar’s claims is Jan Harzan, Executive Director at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). His belief is that Area 51 got too hot and was too out in the open for any significant UFO activity to be performed there. So they moved the show to S4.

“Based on insider information, this is where work on extraterrestrial recovered craft takes place,” Harzan told Forbes. “So when the President, or other officials proudly proclaim that there are no UFOs or aliens at Area 51, they may be technically correct because they are at S4.”

Jan Harzan area 51 insiderAs an exec at the world’s authority on UFO reports, Harzan has seen and heard a lot. He says that in his experience, around 5 to 10% of all UFO sightings feature advanced aircraft like the prototypes tested at Area 51. Another slice can be attributed to natural phenomena, conventional aircraft and drones, but there remains a consistent percentage of truly alien UFOs.

At first glance, it’s hard to distinguish between man-made and original UFOs but once you develop an eye for it, you can see the difference is in the bodywork.

Our craft are very angular looking, with external plumbing, seams and protrusions on the body of the craft. Those of extraterrestrial origin are very smooth and integrated with no seams or rivets showing, and no protrusions. At least that’s our hypothesis based on what we are seeing.”

Now this here is a fine clarification that could come in handy. It would go in support of the theory that the triangular-shaped craft we’ve been seeing a lot of recently is indeed the man-made, alien-inspired antigravitic-powered TR-3B. While this is a formidable craft with maneuverability and speeds well above those of any known machines, it is nothing compared to the UFOs we see reaching Mach 10 in under a second and flying inside active volcanoes. Those are definitely alien and their equipment is way out of reach of human science.

Neat. So who do you believe? Unicorn Aerospace or MUFON?