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Hermes Trismegistus is believed to be the author of the ancient hermetic writings, dating back to the second or third century AD. These ancient teachings are divided into seven principles, mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm,  cause and effect, and gender. So how did these 2,000-year-old writings hold secrets to modern quantum theory?

The Principle of Vibration

According to the third Hermetic principle, the principle of vibration, nothing is unmoving. Everything is constantly moving or vibrating. Hermetic teachings were accepted as fact and incorporated into the works of early Greek philosophers however, this principle of vibrate fell out of favor with thinkers along the way. It was not until the nineteenth century that physical evidence arose to support these claims. Further into the twentieth century, more physical evidence arose and this centuries-old doctrine became widely accepted as fact once again. But how did a Greek philosopher who lived 2000 years ago know and understand the laws of atoms enough to write about it?

According to Hermetic teachings, not only is everything in a state of constant movement but because every single thing is existence is also in a state of constant and rapid movement, it then appears to be at rest. Obviously, this is a difficult concept to grasp as to the naked eye, objects seem to be stationary. The teachings mean that on an atomic level, they are moving. The atoms are vibrating at such an infinite degree of intensity and rapid motion, it seems as though they are not moving at all. Take a rapidly spinning wheel for example. If the wheel is spinning fast enough, to the naked eye, it looks as though it is stationary.

Modern Quantum Theory

Of course, thanks to modern Quantum Theory, we can now prove that all matter and energy are but modes of energy, thus constantly in motion. According to science, all matter manifests in some degree, in various modes of vibration of motion – this motion arising from the temperature or heat of the matter. For example, applying heat will cause atoms to vibrate faster, and the space between atoms increases. So even though an object remains the same, to the eye, but the molecules will behave differently. Water is a great way to illustrate this – Water will always be made up of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. Applying heat will cause the molecules to vibrate more rapidly and move away from each other, changing into gas. Similarly, removing heat will cause the molecules to slow down and move closer together, this can be seen when ice forms.
Hermetic teachings go even further…

Hermetic teachings delve into this theory of quantum theory even further than modern science can at this point in time.  According to this quantum theory, all manifestations of thought, emotion, reason will, or desire, basically, any mental state, are also accompanied by vibrations. These vibrations exist within ourselves but also, a portion of this is thrown off and projected onto others near us. This theory gives rise to the phenomena of “telepathy” and other theories of “mind over matter”. This theory has been normalized subtly in modern-day society and when one states that they “get a good vibe” from someone, this is could be what they are referring to.

How is Quantum Theory Explained in a 2,000-year-old Text?

It is often assumed that science and religion contradict each other, and it’s widely known than modern religious groups such as Christianity were opposed to major scientific discoveries until very recently. We’re talking widely accepted theories such as the Big Bang Theory and Evolution – neither of which are accepted by the Catholic Church to this day. However, many great thinkers and scientists of our time were followers of ancient texts such as the Vedas. Niels Bohr, Schrodinger, Werner Heisenberg, Einstein, and Nikola Tesla were all followers of the Vedas. All these geniuses used the knowledge that they got from the Vedas to further their understanding and to develop new quantum theories.

So how did all of this knowledge about subatomic particle movement and more get into an ancient text when science was only able to find substantial evidence to support the claims in the last 200 years? No one knows! There are many theories though. There are many mysteries about the levels of ancient technology – at such a primitive time, they achieved some impressive architectural feats i.e. building the Pyramids and many other massive structures. Many of these massive structures oddly correspond with electromagnetic fields or astronomical occasions. Similarly, our ancestors seemed to have a greater understanding of quantum theory, theories that we are only finding evidence to prove now. But where did they get this knowledge? We know that they did not have the tools to investigate these theories themselves.

Was it divine intervention or did they have some help from inter-galactic tourists? As our modern technology advances, it will be interesting to find out how many other theories, based in ancient texts also turn out to be correct!

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