Many bizarre things happen on a daily basis, but only a few of them make it into the western kitchen. Such is the case of this MASSIVE UFO appearance over the city of Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, that hasn’t yet reached our screens, not to mention the extremely low media coverage. So how come an entire town films a fleet of playful UFOs and the western media remains silent?

A couple of years ago, an entire UFO fleet of UFOs appeared over Astana. The locals were puzzled by this unusual sighting so they started to film so that the rest of the world would believe them. The peculiar objects hovered above the city and they were so many that you could confuse them with a flock of birds. But since there’s no such species of flying vertebrates that can glow and even pulsate on the night sky, we consider this to be a veritable UFO sighting – a very spectacular one.

According to the eyewitnesses, local authorities stood all over the place watching the aerial spectacle without knowing what to believe. People received no arguments regarding this event, concluding that everyone was taken by surprise. A resident by the name of Alexander Fofonov gave more details in a statement for the local Kazak news:

I’ve never seen such a thing in my life. The sky was full of lights dancing around and people gathered to watch them in amazement. I even saw a bunch of policemen putting their hats down to have a clear view of what was happening. I cannot describe in words what I saw, it was like the entire night sky was alive and it lasted for a few minutes before they took off for higher altitude, it was miraculous.

Although the residents of Astana had their blood boiling while waiting for an official explanation, the elucidating moment never arrived. Local authorities behaved like nothing happened that night, and there was only a brief media coverage of the event. After a few days, there were only the eyewitnesses that recalled what happened. So what was this all about, and how come it passed so unnoticed considering the huge scale of the sighting?

Opinions are split among UFO analysts, as some consider the UFOs to be artificially intelligent devices, others see them as organic entities that flew to the surface from within the earth. Another hypothesis compares them to the mysterious orb-UFOs seen in so many places across the world, but although some similarities exist between them such as the brightness and pulsating ability, there are other indicators which are missing. So if they don’t fit this category of UFOs, what could these be?

If we consider the vast amount of unexplored places on Earth, a UFO cannot easily run out of spots to hide or set up a base. The existence of subterranean alien settlements could prove to be true after all considering the increasing number of sighting from the last couple of years. However, determining their origins remains a matter of guessing for now, as these mysterious UFOs could be anything from mystical beings to intelligent drones that are self-controlled or guided by someone or something.

The event in itself and the fact that it had been recorded is a major achievement because the UFO community is now able to analyze how UFOs act in a big ‘flock,’ and the results are like nothing that I’ve seen so far. There are many types of UFOs, and it appears that new species are starting to show off their face. Are they trying to send humanity a message, or were they surprised by pure coincidence?