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It is no secret that throughout human history tales of giants have been widespread and varying. From the Biblical writings of the Nephilim to the Native American conflicts with the Si-Te-Cah tribe, the idea of a parallel race of giant humanoids co-existing with our own species has endured through the ages. While many historical reports may boil down to miscommunication, translation or hyperbole, it is modern accounts that continue to fascinate me. The existence of a race of giants is not something to be taken lightly, as if it is true it could revolutionise our understanding of science and completely change the history of our species. While past accounts are hard to verify and believe, more modern accounts are, to me, far more credible and believable.

Routine Military Patrol

In 2002, one year after the war in Afghanistan began, a routine US military patrol went missing in the Kandahar province of Afghanistan. The military command subsequently dispatched a team of special forces operatives to find them. Highly trained and armed to the teeth, the team wasted no time in locating their missing comrades, or rather, what remained of them. The team had traced the patrol’s whereabouts to a cave tucked into the side of a mountain. While investigating the slew of cracked equipment and human bones that had once been their fellow soldiers, the team were set upon by a 13ft tall giant. The creature hurled a spear, striking one soldier and killing him instantly. 

Surprise Attack

Caught off guard by the sudden appearance of the biblical monster, the team opened fire on the giant. Likely incensed by the death of one of their teammates, the spec ops soldiers emptied magazine after magazine into the towering beast. Finally, after taking numerous gunshots, the giant fell to its knees and died. Still shocked from an encounter with something straight out of Genesis 6, the soldiers wasted no time in securing the rest of the cave to make sure they were safe.

Striking Similarities

Upon closer inspection, the giant of Kandahar was reported to have bright red hair, double rows of teeth and six digits on each hand. These bizarre traits are not exclusive to the Giant of Kandahar, as another report of possible giants in the Si-Te-Cah tribe recounts them having red hair. The Si-Te-Cah tribe came into conflict with the Paiute tribe of Native Americans. Their story ended with the Paiute tribe burning them all inside a cave. Across these different stories, there are several congruent elements. 

Element of Truth

The concept of red hair, a cave based existence and the use of huge, oversized spears all seem to carry over between different mythologies and different accounts of giant activity. This suggests at least some degree of truth to inspire the different legends, whether that truth is biblical in nature or something more along the lines of divergent evolution, we do not yet know.


Artist rendering of the event

Following the harrowing incident in Kandahar, the spec ops team radioed in their findings to the base. Following this, black helicopters swarmed the area and the body of the giant was whisked away by agents unknown. After the conclusion of the encounter, the body was never seen again, and officially there is no story or report on the incident. Despite this, reports of the incident continue to persist and many members of the military at the time reported hearing of the attack from members of other divisions and companies within the army. Presumably, the body was whisked away for testing by some alphabet agency not known to public records. Regardless of official recognition, there is really no reason for otherwise trustworthy members of the military to lie about encountering a 13ft giant in Afghanistan, and in terms of wartime supernatural events this account is merely the tip of the iceberg in regards to the wars of the early 21st century. 

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