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A video was recently released (less than 24 hours ago now) of a UFO hovering directly over a military naval ship off the coast of the US. The video could very well be CGI. They also zoom in on it and go in slow motion to create a better perspective. A sailboat passes the NAVAL ship in the background while this supposed disc is hovering there. What do you think? do you think this is real? or not? and why? 

Either way, it looks pretty cool and i'm sure UFO's have hovered over (and even landed on) military naval ships before. 

Watch The UFO Hovering Over Naval Ship Here:

Recently, the Pentagon released a statement stating “We have found out of this world vehicles that are not from this earth” essentially, referring to UFO’s without overtly saying it. Disclosure is near. I personally think that the Government has access and control over anti-gravity (UFO) technology and has been using it for a long time now.

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