A man from Olympia, Washington became the observer of a unique episode that will undoubtedly remain with him for the rest of his life. Right above his home, which is located close to where the term flying saucer was born, a bright UFO opened a portal through which a shape-shifting entity manifested itself into our world. The objects were visible for a long period of time and the witness was able to capture both photographic and video evidence.

On the night of May 26th, at 10:59 p.m., D.M. was sitting on the back porch of his house in Olympia, WA when he suddenly felt an impulse to look up at the sky. It wasn’t long before his attention was drawn to a luminous object spinning across the horizon. At first it looked like a star but unlike any stars on the firmament, this one was moving—at high speeds. With 24% battery on his phone, D.M. started to document the incident.

“It displayed so many colors I immediately knew it wasn’t a plane. In my robe and barefooted I walked into the grassy field beside my back yard and started shooting video,” D.M. told UFOholic.

monster face

The face of man, an alien hybrid or something else altogether?

Overwhelmed by what he saw, D.M. continued to track the unidentified flying object as it maneuvered across the night sky until it stopped moving and began pulsing. It took the shape of what D.M. described as a “ring of fire” and after a few moments a second entity separated from the pulsating object. Right away, this second UFO began spinning like a top and exhibiting a strange, intelligent behavior.

portal and craft

It was displaying images or manifesting something. It became every shape I’ve ever seen.”

The two UFOs were about 1,000 feet away from D.M., who estimated the size of the portal-UFO was huge, approximately 100 feet in diameter. The other craft was smaller (approximately 40 feet) but what it lacked in size, it made up for in behavior. Both objects were completely silent, as evidenced in the video below:

The visual demonstration continued for some time during which the second object changed shape multiple times, almost as if it knew it was being watched. Unidentified objects in general and orb UFOs in particular act as if they were intelligently controlled, and this one is no exception.

faces composite

On the contrary, its strange behavior suggests that it was either putting on a show or trying to communicate through visual imagery. If this is the case, it managed to transmit a disconcerting message. The shape-shifting abilities of this craft or entity far surpass any known camouflage technology and this alone seems to suggest their origin is not earthly.

After a while, the objects stopped moving. In the darkness, D.M. could see their silhouettes now resembled the classic disc-shapes we’re all accustomed to. They hovered for some time above D.M.’s house and when they rose in the sky and began to move away, he quickly climbed into his car and trailed them.


The UFOs assumed a classic disc shape

I got in my car and tried to follow. It didn’t seem to help getting in the car. It’s like they were toying with me. I tried to drive on the other side of it but it rose higher and when I parked it went up and out of the sky.

As I pulled in my driveway they were high in the sky and zipped straight up and out of sight. It lasted for nearly 2 hours. I had never seen anything remotely like what I saw that night. I felt so strange and was in a near state of shock.”

Here’s the original video shot by D.M.: