It’s not often that we get to see photo and video evidence like this, and the witness account paints a vivid picture. There’s no way this sighting can be chalked up to mundane explanations. It wasn’t swamp gas or the planet Venus. Weather balloons aren’t intelligently controlled, they just float wherever high-altitude winds carry them. No celestial object or atmospheric phenomenon is able to produce the imagery shown in the photos and video. No thunderstorms were reported in the area at the time of the sighting and it would be insulting to suggest this lengthy incident was caused by man-made objects or natural phenomena.


What the witness described falls neatly into the orb UFO/entity category and the information available leaves room for the following scenario:

On the night of May 26th, 2016, a solitary UFO caught the eye of D.M. Whether this object was a physical craft or an ethereal, plasma-like entity is unclear but photo evidence indicates that as it rotated, it opened an inter-dimensional portal through which a second object or entity was transported into our world. This second object also exhibited high mobility and the ability to rapidly morph into a plethora of shapes. Was it trying to communicate? We’re inclined to believe so, on account of the diversity of images it projected.


The face on the left looks decidedly alien; the one on the right looks like a human-alien hybrid

As is the case with most UFO encounters, it seems this particular incident happened for a reason. It’s possible D.M. was chosen. Before he had the chance to see anything, the witness felt compelled to walk towards the yard with his eyes to the sky. The craft’s occupants might have sent out a telepathic invitation and D.M. responded.


But why did these extraterrestrials/inter-dimensional beings choose this particular area to set up their show? The explanation could be found in an event as old as the term flying saucer itself.

Nearly 70 years ago, aviator and businessman Kenneth Arnold became the central figure in an event that would lead to a decades-old search for answers. On June 24, 1947, Arnold was piloting a CallAir A-2 from Chehalis to Yakima, WA when he decided to investigate and perhaps locate the wreckage of a U.S. Marine Corps C-46 transport airplane that had crashed near Mt. Rainier. Shortly after giving up on his search, Arnold was surprised by a bright flashing light in the distance.

The source of the bright light turned out to be a group of nine convex-shaped objects, flying in echelon formation and occasionally “giving off bright light flashes as they flipped around erratically.” One of the objects was crescent-shaped and seemed to be the leader of the group. Kenneth Arnold estimated their size as being larger than a DC-4 airliner. Army Air Force analysts would later estimate the objects’ absolute size somewhere in between 140 and 280 feet in diameter.

They performed impossible maneuvers in unison as they navigated through the mountainous landscape. Arnold kept his eye on the squadron for as long as he had visual contact, but his sighting didn’t last very long. The objects covered the distance between Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams (50 miles) in one minute and forty-two seconds. The most conservative estimates place the objects’ speed at over 1,200 miles per hour, three times faster than any known aircraft. At that time, the sound barrier hadn’t even been broken, so aircraft flying at nearly Mach 2 were virtually unheard of. Furthermore, their maneuverability far surpassed that of any experimental military craft.


The UFOs Kenneth Arnold saw in Washington would eventually be photographed in Oklahoma

Throughout the following month, the objects would be seen flying all over Washington state, as well as Oklahoma, Idaho and Arizona, with multiple witness reports corroborating Arnold’s story by describing more or less the same UFOs. back then, the term unidentified flying object hadn’t been coined yet but Arnold’s description of their movement gave the objects a new nickname.

Arnold said their movement resembled that of saucers skipping on water. The media quickly adopted the term flying saucer and the Kenneth Arnold incident went down in history as the first modern era UFO sighting. You could say it gave rise to contemporary ufology.

The location of D.M.’s sighting is located a mere 30 miles west of Mt. Rainier and this proximity to a historical place should not be ignored. If we’re being watched, it stands to reason that our watchers are studying our culture and more specifically, our reactions to and involvement with the UFO phenomenon. They would know that the area around Mt. Rainier is significant to those of us who are fascinated by the extraterrestrial hypothesis and who knows, maybe even look for those who are looking for them.

mt rainier olympia

Kenneth Arnold’s sighting took place quite close to Olympia, WA

Another scenario would be that Mt. Rainier and the adjacent area hides something of significance and, while we aren’t aware of it, the occupants of the flying saucers might be. Maybe they’re looking for it or they want us to start our own search.

The diversity of images projected by the object or entity that came through the portal is staggering and, as you examine the photos, it becomes obvious that this show in the sky was meant to show parallels between us and them.

“It was displaying so many images I knew while I was videoing it was special. It moved around but stayed in the area it started until it left.[…] I do feel like it was trying to show me or tell me something. The images I have range from alien faces to people hugging and holding children to men in space suits.”


It even displayed what appears to be a cross. Religious motif or something else?

It wouldn’t be hard for highly-intelligent individuals to assess humanity’s technological level and our global efforts at space exploration is something that Earth’s watchers are well aware of. In this context, their visual presentation might be seen as an incentive, a glimpse of what humanity might have in store for it once we develop enough.

We don’t know whether the extraterrestrials or entities are benevolent or not. Perhaps the visuals they created were just a display meant to intimidate. If they have the technology that can open up portals and materialize other entities, a little surface surveillance work seems like an easy task.

demon entity face

Of all the photos and video stills, this one speaks the most

Not unexpectedly, this event left its mark on D.M. When exposed to revelatory experiences such as this one, our minds are rattled and our beliefs overturned. To realize that we are far from being alone isn’t something that happens everyday.

“I’ve spent every moment since then trying to determine what it could or couldn’t be. The images from the spinning top are like 100 years packed in one minute. It’s like I can see faces and people and the most troubling thing… I see classic alien faces and shapes. See the photos and video and decide for yourself,” D.M. told us.

We want to do our best to get this case the exposure it deserves and have people with similar experiences speak up. Knowing that these things are a staple presence in the skies above our heads and not knowing anything about their intentions isn’t just disturbing, it’s alarming.