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In the 1940’s, an archaeologist by the name of Ionita Florea stumbled upon a giant skeleton during an excavation in Argedava Romania.

Giant Skull

Growing up, we’ve heard stories and legends of giants who shook the earth with every step they took. Can historical evidence explain stories that have been kept secret from the world for thousands of years?

There are number of finding that surfaced which shed light on the reality of these enormous beings who shared the earth with humans long ago.

Florea, Argedava Romania

Florea, an archaeologist working with his team trying to find valuable objects that belonged to Burebista, the Decian leader of the largest citadel, came across a skeleton skull about 3 times the size of a human skull in 1940.

Sadly, once news broke of Florea’s discovery, he and the team of archaeologists working with him were pushed aside.

Unknown researchers took over the excavation. It is said that more than 80 skeletons of giants was found at the site of the excavation, all of which have since disappeared.

Residents of Scaiena
In recent years, the people of Scaiena discovered the skeletons of ancient giants. It is said that a large number of remains was found to the surprise of the residents.

It seemed as though the area was a cemetery  of giants and was discovered when residents were getting ready to plant an apple orchard at the site.

Threatening Warnings
Anyone who came across the remains of these giants and tried to expose this reality to the world were threatened by unknown forces.

In 2009, a journalist working for a local news channel started an investigation into the findings. The journalist was threatened and warned about the dangers of his search. The journalist today does not speak of the ordeal that shook his life.

The reason giants are kept secret is still unknown. They are a mystery in today’s world and the unearthing of their skeletons is a step closer to the truth. 

Giants discovered in China

5,000 year old giants found in China

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