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Underwater alien bases on Earth might be only a myth for some, but because of the huge amount of water our planet holds, about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface being water-covered, it is not that hard to imagine that advanced beings could dwell under the unexplored surface of oceans, seas or even lakes.

In the last one hundred years, countless reports about hostile underwater beings, underwater submersible objects or even official photos presenting disc-saucer similarities have emerged. Could the following case add-up to the overall mystery by offering conclusive evidence of underwater activity?

As you will see, a strange apparition has intrigued a group of Italians participating in a solar activation and initiation journey at Lake Titicaca. Towards the end of 2013, the spiritual group witnessed a supposed UFO very close to the surface of the lake.

The submersible object meets the classic characteristics of an alien craft with its round shape and dimensions being similar to what you would expect from a saucer disk to look like. Another heating factor is the sunlight that highlights the object while also revealing the unusual material able to somehow reflect the light, making it more distinguishable.

As it slowly moves around the surface of the lake, its shape remains the same. While wandering extremely close to the shore, it shows no concern for the humans looking straight at it and even more, the strange disc-shaped object seems to somehow study the people on shore.

Could this actually be an EGAN-1 type UFO meant for approaching humans in a friendly manner in order to study their behavior or make possible contact with them?


From what we have seen in the video, no particular beings engaged in contacting the intrigued humans, even more, it got further away after it was done with its task, but it sure offered a great sight.

Lake Titicaca is renowned for its mysterious sightings as well as for the ancient civilization that once thrived on the south-eastern shore of the lake. The ancient city of Tiwanaku was built right near the lake. These ancient people had advanced agricultural and star knowledge that surpassed even some of the modern techniques.

It is believed that the inhabitants of Tiwanaku received help from the same advanced beings who once created the Nazca Lines. Many bizarre temples and ruins have been discovered near the lake or even under the lake. The Akapana, which is a giant step pyramid lies just near the lake, also The Gate of the Sun – carved from a single block of Andesite granite and full of engravings with astronomic connotations.

Statues and idols depicting old Mesopotamian underwater deities were also found by archaeologists at Lake Titicaca, fact that inclines the balance towards a possible UFO underwater base governed by strange creatures.


In other words, Lake Titicaca is likely to harbor some sort of ET settlement, considering all the evidence archaeologists had found HERE so far, many of them being a complete mystery even when treated using the latest technologies.

Could this video show an actual UFO observing the group of people engaged in advanced spiritual exploration? Is it possible for aliens to be somehow attracted to these inter-human energies that the group of Italians were accessing (similar to thunderstorm attraction)? Or is it that the UFO presence was due to this sacred Lake Titicaca, the place where the first records of very advanced civilizations were discovered?