Deep sea researchers have recently recorded a mysterious sound coming from the deepest part of Earth’s oceans. The sounds are so strange, aliens were immediately brought into question.

While charting the unexplored waters at the deepest point in the planetary ocean, a group of researchers have unwittingly captured a set of alien-sounding frequencies that science has yet to catalogue.

Located in the western Pacific Ocean, the Marianas Trench spans a length of over 1,500 miles on the ocean floor between Japan and Australia. With a maximum depth of 36,000 feet, this enormous gorge could fit the Everest with room to spare. It is no secret that such an inaccessible place is home to strange creatures and an ideal place to hide for anyone with the technology to get there.

mariana trench depth

The exotic noise was picked up by oceanographers with the help of a hydrophone, which is a microphone that works in water. Sound travels farther and faster through water because liquid has a higher density than the gas that makes up our atmosphere. Therefore, the mysterious sound could have traveled a long way before the equipment picked it up.

The tone lasts for three seconds at a time traversing the audible spectrum and expressing both ultra-low frequencies and super high ones. Some wildlife experts believe this could be the call of an undiscovered species of Baleen whale, but its particularities set it apart from all other cetacean sounds.

Whales usually call when they’re looking for a mate but this sound can be heard all year around. It doesn’t fit with biologists’ current understanding of whales and their vocalizations.

If it’s a mating call, why are we getting it year round? That’s a mystery.” – Sharon Nieukirk, marine bioacustics expert at Oregon State University

The researchers who listened to the call described it as being “very distinct” and containing “these crazy parts.” By the sound of it, the signal appears to come from something possessing intelligence. The modulation is complex and repeats itself, signaling the sender’s intent to communicate.

Alien enthusiasts suspect the noise could originate from a secret extraterrestrial installation and an underwater alien base was mentioned before when a mysterious sound such as this one was heard.

Naturally, proof for this hypothesis is hard to come by. Over the years, there have been numerous sightings of amphibious UFOs that could submerge themselves in order to explore the depths of the ocean or use them as a hiding place. Other than making some assumptions, there’s nothing much regular Joes could do to uncover evidence of underwater aliens, so it looks like the mystery will remain for a while.