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The Simpsons is one of the longest series to ever run. Over the past few decades, The Simpsons made a few predictions that’s pretty mind blowing.

Whether the predictions were made because the creators have a clear idea of probable events that may take place due to worldly knowledge they have of the present or whether they are able to make these predictions merely to show us how events are set up before they happen (without civilian knowledge), who really knows.

The predictions are so detailed and extremely impressive that some would say the creator is a time-traveler getting his information from the future.

Are these Predictions Coincidental? Personally, I think not.

Here are some weird predictions from The Simpsons most people didn’t know about.

1. Faulty Voting Machine: Season 20, Episode 4

Episode Prediction: 2008, Came True: 2012

In this episode, Homer tries to place a vote for Barack Obama which doesn’t go so well. When Homer votes for Obama, the vote is automatically switched to Jahn Mccain. This happened in 2012 where the machines weren’t collaborating correctly and would change the vote from Obama to Romney. A video of the incident taken in Pennsylvania surfaced and prove it.

2. NSA Spying on Civilians: The Simpson Movie

Episode prediction: 2007, Came True: 2013

In this episode, the Simpson family is on the run. The episode reveals that the NSA was listening to their conversation to try and find them. Six- years into the future, whistle blower Edward Snowden released secret information that exposed that mass surveillance of citizens by the government. Crazy to think we’re always being watched.

3. Corruption in FIFA: season 25 episode 16

Episode Prediction 2014, Came True: 2015

In this episode, FIFA officials asked Homer if he would help improve their image by becoming a referee. The episode predicted the arrest of the FIFA officials on claims of bribery and money laundering which took place in real life a year after the episode aired. The episode also predicted Germany’s world cup win.

4. The Ebola Outbreak: Season 9 Episode 3

Episode prediction: 1997, Came True: 2014

In this episode, we see Marge wanting to comfort a sick Bart by reading him a book called “Curious George and the Ebola Outbreak.”
We also see a picture Bart drew with the words sad and blood and 3 daggers in his back. Yikes, could the book and drawing predicted the outbreak of a deadly virus more than a decade before?

5. The Higgs Boson: Season 10 Episode 2

Episode Prediction: 1998, Came True: 2012

Was Homer the first to discover the Higgs Boson? Who knew Homer was that smart? Anyway, in the episode, Homer becomes an inventor who writes down the Higgs formula on a chalk board. The complicated formula explains that everything in the universe is made of mass which was discovered 14 years after the episode aired. Apparently, the formula Homer wrote down eerily matched the real formula.

6. Disney Owns Fox: Season 10, Episode 5

Episode Prediction: 1998, Came True: 2017

In 2017 it was revealed that Fox becomes a part of Disney. This was predicted in 1998 when Ron Howard pitches Homer’s screen play to Brian Grazer. A scene outside the studio shows a ’20 Century Fox’ screen with the words ‘A division of Walt Disney’ right under it. Coincidence? Could it be that the Simpsons predicted this would happen almost 20 years?

7. 9/11 Attack on NYC: Season 9, Episode 1

Episode Prediction: 1997, Came True: 2001

In this episode, we see Bart in front of a magazine with the number 9 and the twin-towers to the right of it. The Twins line up and read 911. coincidence?

8. Face-time and Smart-Watch

Episode Prediction: 1995, Came True: 2010 and 2014

In this episode, two predictions are made. Lisa goes to see a fortune teller at a fair when she is transported 15 years into the future. In the future, she is having a conversation with Marge via picture phone (Face-time). In the same episode, we see Lisa’s fiance making a phone call using his advanced looking watch.

9. President Trump: Season 11 Episode 17

Episode Prediction: 2000, Came True: 2016

Again, in this episode Lisa is in the future where she becomes president and has to clean up the mess the former president left behind. The previous president was none other than Donald Trump.  Personally, I think this is the weirdest of them all.

10. Lisa Finds Area 51 Season 9 Episode 24

Episode Prediction: 1998, Came True: 2019

In this episode Lisa comes across Area 51. This prediction hasn’t really come true yet. But in the last couple of months, a Facebook page was created to entice people to raid Area 51. I guess we will just have to wait and see on this one.

On another note, the series has had episodes about UFO and alien abductions. Could this be a prediction not yet fulfilled. People have claimed to have been abducted and visited by aliens. Maybe these episodes hint at UFO and Alien disclosure.

There have been reports of UFO sightings over the white house in 1952. There is also an episode where The Simpson family gets abducted. What do you believe?

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