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What is the Mandela Effect?
When Nelson Mandela died in 2013, many people were confused. Millions of people reported remembering Mandela dying in prison many years prior. This isn’t just one person’s faulty memory. This is a shared memory people claim to have experienced. So, what’s really going on?

What Are Possible Explanations and Theories?

Many psychologist and psychiatrists believe that the most likely reason for this strange phenomenon is that people are having false memories.

Is it possible that people can share a false memory that is extremely detailed? And if this is the reason, how could it be shared by such a large number of people at once?

Another theory is splitting of time and space or the merging of realities. Is it possible that timelines have come to merge together? Could this have been caused by extraterrestrial time-travel?

According to extra-terrestrial and UFO expert Corey Goode, this phenomenon occurred because many programs are involved in time travel including extra-terrestrials. Goode claims that people were traveling back in time and in doing so they created a fracture in time and space that altered timelines.

He also claims that many who have interfered and altered the course of time tried to go back and fix their mistakes only to unintentionally make it worse.

Goode believes that higher dimensional beings eventually stepped in to stop this. According to the beings, time and space is elastic and will eventually snap back together.

There could be multiple reasons as why this phenomenon is occurring. Hopefully one day, we’ll have concrete answers.

What Are Some Examples of the Mandela Effect?

There are many examples of the Mandela Effect that have left me dumbfounded. Here are a couple examples that I personally remember being different.

“Luke I am your father” vs “No, I am your father” and “Kit-Kat” vs “KitKat”.

I think most people would agree, they remember the quote “Luke, I am your father”. This is how I’ve always known it to be. I have referenced this specific scene of the movie many times growing up and many people I’ve asked remember it this way.

There wasn’t a doubt in my mind until I re-watched the clip. And guess what, it’s now “No, I am your father”. Personally, I refuse to believe this is a faulty memory. As I have many different memories of the quote as well as memories of others referencing the quote.

Another to mention is Kit-Kat vs KitKat. Kit-Kat was my favorite chocolate bar growing up. Part of my daily ritual at one point. I’m not sure exactly when but a few years ago, I bought a Kit-Kat bar. While looking at it, I remember thinking, “oh, they removed the dash” not knowing until a few years later that it had never actually existed.

It’s sounds crazy, but there are many examples of the Mandela Effect. If you look hard enough for these examples, you will find that you have shared memories of things that no longer exist and that couldn’t be explain rationally. These are things we knew as facts which are no longer.

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