The modern Tesla is known for making some of the most advanced electric cars on Earth, but did you know that back in 1931 they were already an invention? The original Nikola Tesla made his first ever car without batteries and it was powered by something called direct current (DC).

The minute I heard about this new information my ears perked up because DC motors are one thing we sell at our store! So when can get together next to talk all things electronics or go check out what other cool devices will help make life easier around here?!

So, it looks like Tesla might have been overestimating their own car production numbers. But the good news is they could still make those models using technology that was being experimented with at one point!

Imagine Tesla in a Car Today…

The most commonly reported Tesla electric car was a converted Pierce-Arrow, from 1931. A version of the account by Tesla himself can be found in Secrets Of Cold War Technology – Project HAARP And Beyond; an excerpt reads: “I have just turned my attention to electricity as one subject among many others…”

The most commonly reported Tesla electric car was a converted Pierce-Arrow, from 1931. A version of the account by Tesla himself can be found in Secrets Of Cold War Technology – Project HAARP And Beyond; an excerpt reads: “I have just turned my attention to electricity as one subject among many others…”

The car’s engine was an 80 horsepower furnace. It had two thick cables that connected to the dashboard, and it also stored 12 volts for accessories like lights or electronics!

Maximum speed for the rotating magnetic field was stated to be 30 turns per second. A 6 foot antenna rod fitted into place of Dr. Tesla’s car and it is unknown whether or not any adjustments were made while he was driving, but luckily we had someone on hand who knew what they were doing: our resident expert in all things techie! This person put together an elaborate power receiver that could pick up 12 different types of tubes from transmitters placed around Europe so if anything ever happened out there during WWII plans would still get completed despite enemy interference via radio waves.

The device had been prefitted into the dashboard, no larger than a short-wave receiver. Mr. Savo told me that Dr. Tesla built this thing in his hotel room and it’s about 2 feet long with an inch or two on either side anuhigh . He said you could barely tell there was anything inside unless someone stood close enough to see their reflection off its glass body.

Dr. Tesla’s nephew was able to drive this vehicle without any other fuel for an undetermined long period of time! No sound and it didn’t even move when you turn the key? What’s going on here?!

The strange thing is that there were several additional meters read values which Nikola Tesla would not explain–not one word from him, mind you; only a quick shake-of-the head as if saying “just wait until we get back home….” He handed Mr Savo __ keys – yes that particular gentleman-, told him “Start up” so they could see first hand what happened next.

Mr. Savo drove a distance of 50 miles through the city and out to his country home, where he was able to test drive this car for 120 mph with no issues! Back then that was tremendously fast for an automobile.

This same basic story comes up on many websites, some more reputable than others. The person said to be taken for a ride is Peter Salvo and the area always around Buffalo NY.

Some say that Tesla’s wireless power dream is nearing reality. A 1981 account from an article in New York Daily News says “With all these modern conveniences, we’re not too worried about how they work yet.”

People are always looking for the next big thing. Electric cars are no exception because they have an almost magical quality that seems to attract people with good imaginations or at least open minds, which means there will always be a demand for them in this day and age where everything seems so stale already!

In the early 1900s, Nikola Tesla built and experimented with Wardenclyffe Tower to test EM waves. The facility is now known as a broadcast tower for electricity much like we use audio frequencies on FM radios today!

I’d probably end up pushing my wireless electric car. If such a system, perfected and implemented by the telco industry as it has been so far booming with innovation potentiality for years now – if this were to work then anything could operate without batteries given that you would be within range receiving broadcast power from our grid systems or other sources like solar panels on homes!

A car driven by broadcast electricity, produced by more or less conventional means? That’s interesting. It just might be possible that Tesla had installed a receiver in an electric vehicle (or one modified to run on batteries) and this device would have worked as intended–tricking him into thinking he had found a way for people not only of Boston but everywhere else too! There is no hard physical evidence that this occurred, but it is possible.

Tesla Did Have Reservations About Wirelessly Powered Vehicles As Shared in This Interview:

Question : Will not wireless transmission of energy result in time in the moving of practically all means of transportation with electrical energy from central power stations?

MR. TESLA : No, I do not expect that such will be the case, for the transportation systems now used present certain important practical advantages which cannot be disregarded.

Question: Will not automobiles, for instance, be operated merely by the operative “cutting in” on electrical energy supplied by wireless from power stations?

MR. TESLA : I fear we shall not live to see the wireless system in general use for this purpose. It is difficult to propel an automobile by the new method for reasons with which experts are familiar. Success can be much more easily achieved in the case of airships.

As Tesla continues to work on their next generation electric vehicles, they have been considering new ideas. One idea being explored by them is Wireless Power Transmission Technology which could solve many of the battery problems currently plaguing these cars today with its ability at eliminating heavy components like batteries!

Tesla may be looking into wireless power transmission tech again according an article in Bloomberg Businessweek about how car firms are trying out all sorts different ways they can overcome difficulties when creating environmentally conscious vehicles that don’t rely solely upon fossil fuels for energy needs. Imagine that world.

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