There are many conspiracies in our world today and if that cannot be addressed or understood by the mainstream public without saying “You’re a conspiracy theorist” then the polarization begins. The term conspiracy is differently defined than “conspiracy theory” or “conspiracy theorist” and it’s important to have distinction between the two. Over the last 50 or so years there have been many changes that have occurred when it comes to men, women, gender roles. Food, dietary and drugs that influence ‘male’ and ‘female’ dominant hormones such as testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

There are many layers to be unraveled as far as the conspiracy to feminize men and masculinize women. Why would they want to create antagonistic hormonal changes in the sexes?

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Here are 15 Signs That Feminizing Men And Masculinizing Women is Already in Play..

  1. The secret dangers of endocrine disrupting chemicals, how they are manipulating human beings to be sick and infertile, their effects throughout the world will last for future generations.

2. Why and what causes men today to be lazy, fat, impotent, dumber infertile? Are they less interested in sex with real women and seek out porn instead? The input starts by stating why men are not as active or fit anymore. The author goes on to talk about how this is reflected through their actions towards more sexual partners online rather than seeking them offline.

3. There are hidden chemicals in condoms found in condoms which sterilize men and cause impotence. Get these condoms (click here) men. There’s nothing “warrior like” about Trojan condoms.

4. The pill is not just a contraceptive. It has dangerous side effects that can impact the health of women and men according to an article by Sarah Pope. Two eugenicists, Carl Djerassi and Frank Colton invented synthetic estrogen in 1951 which was later approved for use as a birth control medication ten years later without any testing on humans because it seemed safe enough based on animal studies even though half of these animals died from cancer within one year while others experienced liver disease, blood clots inside their brains resulting in strokes or heart attacks among other things after having been fed with high doses during multiple experiments that lasted two decades(Pope). In addition to this lack of safety data there were never human tests done before approval due to ethical concerns although some people. Good to know that organic neem (click here) in high doses can actually be used as a contraceptive without the negative side effects of birth control. Furthermore birth control destroys women’s hormones, makes them pick the wrong guy, and makes them attracted to feminine men that cannot lead.

5. Elite eugenicists like the Rockefellers and genocidal Nazi and chemical warfare companies are behind these sterilizing, homosexuality chemicals.

6. Statistically speaking  less men are being born and male fetuses are being miscarried more often.

7. Chemicals have caused sperm counts to drop by around 50 percent and cause 75 percent of male sperm that is produced to be defective. That is a MASSIVE decline.

8. Monsanto (acquired by Bayer) has an herbicide that sterilizes and feminizes men.

9. Endocrine disrupting chemicals cause and then create homosexuality in men and women. Make no mistake that this is intentional in order to break up the family and have more direct population control.

10. 94% of drinking water in the US contains a potent sterilizing, homosexuality chemical made by a GMO/pharmaceutical company.

11. Feminism and the feminist movement was created to emasculate and feminize men. Look at how toxic these ‘women’ feminists have become.

12.  Estrogen mimicking chemicals and gmo foods (like soy) are a large cause in the rise in breast cancer and female infertility as well as feminizing and creating man boobs in men. Soy is also one of the highest funded subsidized crops by the US Government.

13. Tampons contain the most toxic chemical substance known to mankind.

14. The largest fashion brands have chemicals in their clothing that cause “gender bending” and end up in our drinking water. Go figure.

15. Dildo’s contain female reproductive cancer chemicals that also make males penises smaller! Imagine that. After your woman uses a dildo you’re penis is exposed to that chemical for shrinking.

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