A lot of UFOlogists have been observing the Moon and Mars in the last decade and spotted numerous anomalies, pointing towards possible artificial structures under the surface, brought or built there by either human or foreign civilizations.

No real proof or conclusive material evidence has ever been produced, however, until now.

The Moon has always been surrounded by mystery, and opinions are so different that some think it’s manufactured here, in the Solar System, while others claim it’s older than our planet and mankind has never been there.

The former theory is highly improbable because the human hand always reaches for what the eye sees. You may remember a previous article where we mentioned a former US high ranking official disclosing what he observed while supervising tests.

Among others, he mentioned it “rang like a bell” when being hit with an artificial object the size of a meteorite or when the equivalent of a huge amount of TNT was detonated on it. His belief was that a metallic sphere structure, containing a similar cubic one, was under the Moon’s surface, replacing a normally natural core.


Now, official research has shown large cracks throughout a vast region on the Moon, named the Ocean of Storms. Amazed by the length of the rifts, scientists decided to zoom out and take a panoramic look at the pictures and video. What they immediately noticed is that the cracks describe a giant symmetrical rectangle.

The lines, measuring more than 2,000 miles in length, were first believed to be the aftermath of a brutal impact of an asteroid, but researchers have since concluded that they are the cause of seismic or volcanic activity, meaning that the Moon is far older than we know.

This latest official statement has led skeptics and UFOlogists alike to believe that NASA has been doing something behind closed doors on the Moon and are trying to cover up their actions (like the testing we talked about earlier and who knows what else) by public disclosing some minor classified knowledge and claiming the more important thousand mile long lines are caused by natural events on Earth’s moon.


3D imaging paints an even clearer picture.

Jeffrey Andrews-Hanna, a major planetary scientist made the following statements:

GRAIL has revealed features on the Moon that no one anticipated before we had this data in hand. One can only wonder what might lie hidden beneath the surfaces of all of the other planets in the Solar System. The pattern of gravity anomalies on the Moon is so strikingly geometric and in such an unexpected shape that it is forcing us to think in new and different ways about the processes operating on the Moon.”

This is a pretty vague disclosure compared to what they really found out. Dr. Hanna also gave some details about the Moon’s internal structure, which are somewhat similar to the ones described in our previous article.
In the meantime, the UFO community waits for more valid and clear public disclosure.