Alex Collier is no stranger to the UFO scene. Alex Collier is one of the most well-known people to come into contact with an alien race known as Andromedans. He is the author of the book Defending Sacred Ground. A book about the Andromedan alien race. His experiences interacting have been hugely helpful for showing us that they exist and their technology far more advanced than ours, too!

Collier’s investigations into the secret alien race on Earth have blown open an infiltration by these “regressive ETs,” who are attempting to control our planet.

Collin has been working as a confidential informant for CIA, and he also dealt with cases involving extraterrestrials before they got too close for comfort: Ever since first talking about his encounters with aliens Collison started getting followed everywhere he went- even at home when there should be privacy. The Government has kept their eyes on him. In his book, Collier details how the worldwide conspiracy about reptilian aliens who secretly rule us has been blown wide open.

Alex Collier Claims Tens Of Thousands Of Children Were Food For This Alien Race

He claims that 31,712 children disappearing were from alien abductees and were ‘food’ for these alien beings that live thousands of years underneath the surface of the earth. Either that, or they were kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. Maybe a combination of both.

Take A Watch And Learn in This Shocking Video Interview Here:

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