While searching for anomalous structures in space, a renowned UFOlogist discovered the most intriguing image of a human face in a nebula found at a few thousands of light-years-away from the Earth.

Many unexplained phenomenon can be tracked into space, varying from unidentified flying objects to huge structures on celestial bodies, black holes, colliding stars, and even grand appearances such as the recent find of UFOlogist and Professor Scott C. Warring.

A face inside a deep space nebula has recently been spotted, and it strongly resembles the aspect of a human being. Whether this is only the result of pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon where the mind treats something inexistent as a familiar pattern, or it’s actually an authentic event with a deeper meaning, we can only guess, but according to a few analysts, the human face appearing inside the nebula may not be a coincidence at all.


At first sight, the mysterious face has numerous human features such as a well-defined nose, a distinguishable mouth with the upper and lower lips visible, the shape of a chin, and at a closer look even hair can be interpreted. Overall, the forehead appears to be wreathed in wrinkles, and the facial color is blue, which could be a symbol of planet Earth. So, could this be considered just a coincidence or pareidolia, or is it possible that the human species has other prolific voices making history throughout the universe?

According to Scott Waring, we humans are renowned for utilizing the figures of personalities who contributed to the human development process on different objects, structure, or even natural formations. It’s no secret that our earthly currency has many personalities drawn on it, statues of different people are also found throughout the globe, and last but not least, there are human faces carved in stone or even in mountains from where they sing a silent song for the next generations to come.

Look around you right now. You are feeling pretty damn good about yourself,” Waring said on his blog. “You are human, and you have conquered wood, stone and metal. We put our most precious idealistic faces of our most iconic heroes of our culture on tiny little coins. We even put faces carved into mountains in many places across this planet. But I am here today to show you how small we really are.”


To better highlight the affinity between the nebula portrait and the human traits, Waring found an interesting coin which definitely places this topic in a new perspective. It shows a remarkable similarity between the two human faces, indicating that this may not be just a coincidence after all. So, could it be that we humans exist somewhere else in this vast universe? Is it possible that humans are making history among other extraterrestrial species and on other planets besides the Earth?

It’s not just a face, but the side of the face, made on purpose to stand out and for all to know,” Waring wrote. “Much like how America put its first president George Washington on a 1.5 cm quarter. Sure, Washington has impressed America, but not the rest of the world. He is only impressive to the US, while this blue guy in the nebula has impressed entire worlds, maybe whole star systems with his beliefs.

Whatever the reasons for the displayed nebula face, it remains a fascinating discovery that propels our human species to a whole new level, that of an advanced and mature race that’s contributing to the well-doing of the universe and in return for the legendary deeds of our fellow humans we receive recognition on a really huge scale.

ESA photo source