What started out as a routine flight quickly turned into an incident involving a form of communication between pilots and a supersonic UFO.

Supersonic UFO Flashes Back at Pilots Who Wanted to Communicate

The bizarre sighting took place on the United State’s Atlantic Coast and involved the two pilots of a commercial airliner. On December 26th, while flying above the coastline near Atlantic City, NJ, the pilots noticed a strange light at their 1 o’clock position.

The light showed strong signs that it was actually a moving, physical object with mass and speed and not a celestial object such as the planet Venus. This assumption is supported by the fact that the sighting was reported by experienced pilots with thousands of hours of flight between them. The pilots’ descriptions give out important details, such as the speed and altitude of the UFO and its unconventional behavior.

Under the cover of anonymity, the two pilots reported their sighting to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) and the details they provided seem to suggest some kind of intelligence was aboard the unidentified craft.

supersonic ufo

“At first sight the light was approximately at our 1 o’clock position,” one of the pilots told NUFORC. “It moved to 12, 10, 11, back to 12. At that time, the light appeared to move North, then south at a pretty rapid rate. Or I would describe it as closer and further from our position as the size seemed to get larger and smaller. The light ended in the 1st position and then moved out east and once at our 10 o’clock position disappeared.”

The speed of the commercial airliner was approximately 600 mph, so in order for the UFO to appear to be moving as fast as it did, it must have broken the sound barrier. This does not make the sighting stand out in particular, as it is very probable that all UFOs have the capability to reach speeds of thousands of miles per hour. What differentiates this encounter from others like it is the fact that the UFO reacted to the pilots’ attempts to communicate with it.

Intrigued by the flashing light pattern on the UFO, the copilot flashed the airplane lights in a sequence. You can imagine his astonishment when he saw that the craft flashed back at them.

“The other pilot stated he could see an orange/red flash in between the white flashes,” the captain told investigators. “We did flash our lights at it a few times, and the other pilot believes it flashed back in sequence; I felt the return flashes were probably coincidental, but possible. The flashing didn’t really appear to have any pattern. The whole incident lasted a minimum of 10 minutes”

Cases such as this one stand out from the rest, because of the witnesses’ credibility boosts the veracity of their claims. Also, commercial pilots are well-acquainted with the movement of planets and stars, as well as those of flying craft. Using their own instruments, they can assess the speed and altitude of other flying objects, be them other planes or even UFOs.

Although a definitive conclusion is hard to reach, the pilots’ admissions paint a clear picture: on a clear night with good visibility, they spotted an unidentified object performing maneuvers that no known aircraft can perform. It accelerated beyond supersonic speeds and its cornering seemed to defy the laws of physics. It changed its heading and altitude multiple times over the course of ten minutes and most important of all, it signaled back using light when the airplane pilots flashed their lights.

We can only speculate about the UFO’s true form, origin and intentions, but it is obvious it was a machine built with advanced technology and piloted by someone or something possessing intelligence. Whether it was aliens or humans is unclear.

Unfortunately, we have no video of this incident but take a look at the video below for a similar incident involving airplane pilots and a supersonic UFO.