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Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist and a researcher of water. One of the most abundant substances on earth, water has been described in holy scriptures as more than just a physical substance.

Water, in its true nature is affected by thoughts and vibrations that has a profound impact on human life and mother nature.

Effects of Words on Water

We have an effect on water just as much as it has an effect on us.

Dr. Emoto revealed how water, when frozen and seen under a microscope, can create beautiful structures in the form of crystals.

A beautiful crystal was formed after being exposed to the words ‘Love’ and ‘Gratitude’.

In his research laboratory, Dr. Emoto made a scientific discovery that proves the effect words have on water and how the human body, made of 70% water, is influenced by it.

The research involves water being subjected to many external influences that leave an impression which is then observed under a microscope after freezing it in a cryogenic chamber.

The Results Dr. Emoto Found

Dr. Emoto came to discover that water exposed to positive loving words created beautiful snowflake crystals that look majestic and brilliant by nature.

While water, exposed to foul words or terrible conditions such as being exposed to radiation, revealed duller colors, incomplete patterns and unpleasant structures.

Experiment: The Effects of Water on Blood

Doctor of medicine immunologist, Perl Aperla, took blood sample from a patients finger and observed its content under a microscope. She claims that they are able to see the condition of the patients health by observing the particles of the red blood cells.

The results found that the red blood cells were bound together and had lost their electrical charge which could lead to heart disease and other diseases.

Dr. Aperla then gave the patient a cup of water that was charged with positive influence. After 12 min of giving the patient the water, blood was drawn again and revealed the structure of the red blood cells to have improved significantly.

The red blood cells were not attached but round and slightly repelled each other. They were electrically charged and pH levels were balanced. This is what Dr. Aperla had to say,

“I think that’s utterly amazing, that drinking water could do that.” 

Water Influenced By Words Can Heal the Human Body

In 1995, Dr. Emoto exposed water to music such as Mozart and heavy metal.

Here were the results after flash freezing the water.

Experiment: Water and Rice

Dr. Emoto also conducted an experiment where he poured rice and water into 3 different beakers exposing them each day to different frequency of words.

After a month of doing this, fascinating results that is detrimental to the way humans interact was revealed.

To the first beaker of rice and water, Dr. Emoto would say, ‘Thank You’. To the second he would say, ‘You’re an idiot’. And the third he completely ignored.

The first beaker, after a month of being exposed to the words thank you, started to ferment and produced a pleasant odor. The rice in the second beaker turned black and the rice in the third beaker began to rot.

Let me say this, human beings are made up of 70% water. We can conclude that the effect of words can alter conditions of our body. Because of this, I believes it’s extremely important that we take care of our thoughts and words for they have an effect on our well-being and the well-being of the ones around us.

This information can bring awareness to humanity. Love your children and give them the positive and loving attention they need and deserve for indifference can greatly harm them, a massage from Dr. Emoto.

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