It’s always a good idea to turn on your video camera whenever a lightning storm is near you because we all know that UFOs are somehow attracted to these intense phenomenon, similar to how bees are attracted to honey.

While driving close to a massive storm in Nebraska, a man decided to film the energetic event, and how inspired he was. As the storm was showing its tremendous power, the most bizarre shape emerged from the fiery clouds, and it’s not like anything you’ve seen before, maybe except for the Harry Potter movie.

The strange UFO can be noticed while it’s speeding besides the car. It came directly from the storm while passing by the car at an extremely close distance. Even though it looks like a “dementor” because of the black color and smoky trail that was left behind it, some other possibilities can be considered. Judge for yourself after you’ve seen the video below.

Is this some sort of paranormal phenomenon? A ghost maybe, or a wandering evil spirit attracted to the energy generated by the lightning storm? We don’t know much about these things, but according to THIS footage, UFOs seem to adore the lightning storms as well, and since we don’t know any videos with electric ghosts, the images provided by satellites from space clearly show the activity of UFOs above lightning storms.

Other theories suggests that the intriguing sighting is in fact a pulse jet aircraft, and that the distance between it and the car is exponentially bigger than what we first see, thus giving new, bigger proportions to the speeding black object. But how is it possible for an earthly craft to fly that low and without any lights turned on?

After further analyzing the video, we did not manage to conclude on what this UFO might be. It doesn’t resemble to anything we’ve seen so far so could this UFO in fact have extraterrestrial origins?

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