Despite being told that there is no alien or UFO activity recorded by the government’s military and space organizations, people continue to report sightings and out of the ordinary activities that raise an ardent question: how long will the government keep lying to us when the truth literally flies in front of our very own eyes?

The most recent alien encounter took place on May 20, 2016, in a residential area of El Dorado in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, around 10 p.m. when a great number of residents and passing by students witnessed an UFO at close range, circling in the sky.

Following the event, the UFO somehow crashed in the Calle #2 of the district. One of the locals reported that before the crash happened, a bright light surged from the sky, finally leading to what would be next, an unforgettable experience.

Moments before the fall of the alien being, the UFO made quite the entry with a blinding display of lights and a deafening outburst like noise, inducing a state of panic among the residents, causing the people in the radius of the sight to dash out of their homes, to find out the cause of all that commotion.

One of the witnesses claimed that he captured on camera the moment when it roamed over the area, and soon after the circling, an extraterrestrial being emerged from the UFO as if it jumped off or fell by mistake, no one knows for sure.

It all began with a bright light in the sky, when the unimaginable occurred,” one of the locals reported. “Something came down, straight down. A light came straight down, more or less, and they say it lost itself in that tree. It tried to get into that house over there.”

The startling episode got into the attention of the local media which sent a group of reporters who arrived at the scene of the event long after it ended, only to record the statements of the shocked citizens.

The first sight of the confused civilians was the alien astronaut just as he fell or landed from the UFO. The being seemed in a state of panic and tried to escape the eyes of the dazzled locals.

According to three schoolchildren, after he landed on the ground, the extraterrestrial tried to flee as quickly as possible from the curious crowd, heading to hide from the eyes of the residents into a random house.

The statement was sustained by a number of adult residents that were in the vicinity of the scene. Moreover, the three students traced the path the alien took after the fall from the UFO, pointing to several locations around the neighborhood, including the tree it was seen climbing up, in order to get back on his space craft.

Some witnesses claim they saw the extraterrestrial astronaut attempting to break into a house, during the turmoil, allowing a few people that were closer in those moments to take a better look at the alien being.

The appearance of the extraterrestrial astronaut was depicted as small and gooey, with long arms and long fingers which seemed to help him easily climb the tree.

The event caused a massive reaction among the members of the UFO community, including UFO blogger Scott C Waring, who adverted that aliens seldom exit their space crafts. He also speculates that the extraterrestrial may actually have wanted to be seen by the humans, possibly to accustom them with the first ever sight of another child of the Universe.

For aliens to risk their safety by walking around and examining the area, there must be something important about to happen in that area,” Waring comments. “Otherwise they could have landed in a wooded area of a mountain hundreds of miles from the nearest human.”

It is no secret that paranormal events (to some people) falter even as we speak, and secret organizations have reached the point where a collaboration is set in motion between actual intelligent life forms and a select few that represent the human race. But maybe our distant neighbors do not want to communicate only with the select few, but want to introduce themselves little by little, with the entire humanity.