It’s not everyday that there are UFO sightings. It is especially not everyday when a large group of people see a UFO. In this case a group of 50 people saw a UFO emerging out of the gulf of Mexico.

The Chief Engineer on a Gulf of Mexico supply ship personally witnessed A UFO emerging from the ocean. The individual who saw the UFO happened to be an engineer, so no woo woo here. He estimated that the ship was a massive ship at 1,200 feet wide. That is HUGE.

The engineer (who remains unnamed) sent this information to the National UFO center a few days after the event and was reported widely. The engineer shared that the disc was dark and oval in shape. Also, when it emerged from the ocean one of the strangest aspects of it was that he could see not one drop of visible water coming from it. How fascinating is that? Ventricular force? Anti-gravity technology that repels water? What’s going on here.

It was estimated by this engineer that this ship was about 5 times the size of the vessel that he was on, making it massive.

The sighting lasted approximately 40 seconds and then after that the UFO disappeared into the distance. The National UFO Center did make a claim that the witnesses statement was very accurate and reliable.

This wouldn’t be the first time that someone aboard a ship or any water vessel such as a submarine has seen strange lights over or in the water. Many have taken photographs and shared online. This case here is not a singular case. Many sightings occur over the ocean, both coming out of the water and over the sky in the ocean. It seems that we deal with these more often simply because UFO’s with the ability to go beneath the water simply exist.

What do you think? Do you think that this is a common occurrence? Over the ocean, coming out of the ocean? Why do you think this UFO was in the Gulf of Mexico in particular?

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