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Everybody knows about the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland, but unbeknowst to millions is that each continent, and in many cases each country and state have their own mythological beasts that leave evidence, and stunned onlookers, looking on with a mix of fascination and, at times, fear.

North America has the sasquatch, several other areas have similar versions of monstrous humanoid like creatures, and many have even reported such creatures at the scene of alien abductions or UFO landings and sightings.

Regardless of what you believe to be the truth, where there’s smoke there is often fire, and sightings like these have been a fact of life for indigenous people and explorers alike across the world.

Aside from ape-like creatures, dinosaur-like creatures such as the famous “Nessy” have also been reported across the world.

And in Africa, land of the giants such as elephants, giraffes and other real-life behemoths, perhaps the most terrifying of them all is said to roam specific parts of the Congo where pygmy tribes and other native people live: the Mokele-Mbembe, whose name alone is enough to strike fear in the hearts of fisherman, natives, and anyone who has ever heard the legends first-hand, where discussions of the massive brontosaurus-like entity are said to be commonplace among the local tribesmen.

We Ran, or He Would Have Killed Us”

In 2011 the largest news media organization in Britain, the BBC, profiled the fascinating history of the Mokele-Mbembe in striking details, as dozens of expeditions were launched to get to the bottom of whether reports of the terrifying reptile capable of “roaring” and even goring elephants to death with its single horn were real.

“I was in a boat on the river when I saw Mokele-Mbembe. He began to chase us. Mokele-Mbembe rose out of the water,” one man told the BBC. “We ran, or he would have killed us.”

A similar report was released by the website Cryptozoology.co.uk that has been viewed over 100,000 times, as seen below, during which a pair of African fishermen discuss their fears of being dragged into the water and killed by the dinosaur-like creature.

According to the BBC, there has been little if any scientific evidence to back up claims of this deadly creature, except for a large claw-shaped footprint recorded by a French missionary in 1776 and multiple other explorers since.

Photographic images have been fuzzy at best, but eyewitness reports are a fact of life in regions where the massive creature has been spotted for centuries.

People living with the pygmy Bayaka tribe in the Congo and the Central African Republic to the North have “no doubt” that the creature exists according to the BBC.

“When people are sitting around the campfire talking, they talk about the Mokele-Mbembe – it’s something that’s a reality in everyday life,” Paul said.

The people are said to have a “spiritual connection” and “mystical relationship” with it. “The way they see the world is a little different to the way you and I see it,” he added.

Explorer and mythological creature enthusiast Adam Davies of Britain, who has attempted two expeditions in search of the behemoth reptile species, even went as far as to say that the locals become “quite affronted” when asked if the Mokele-Mbembe is a real creature or not.

“They consistently come out with physical descriptions.”

“Never dismiss tribal accounts on the basis that they must be talking tosh because they are tribal – that’s not right and it’s actually disrespectful,” he added.

Despite the seeming implausibility of such a creature existing in today’s world, new species are constantly being discovered, and the Likouala region in the northeast part of Congo Brazzaville contains 66,000 square kilometers of land, of which 80% remains uncharted.

A precedent has also been set with the 1901 discovery of the okapi, a mythological creature that looks like a mini giraffe with zebra legs that turned out to be real and was identified as a relative of the giraffe. The Mokele-Mbembe could be next in line.

“The idea of a creature which is very rare, living in a very remote area with a vast size to it, is not remotely implausible,” argues Adam Davies.

United States based writer Rory Nugent visited the Congo on an expedition to find the creature and said he saw an “elegant French style curve” in the water. While he remains skeptical, he did not rule out the possibility that the terrifying modern-day dinosaur may actually exist after all.

“One thing you learn early on in science is never say never,” he said to the BBC. “We are still discovering new species all the time.”

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