As you’ve probably read in a previous article on this subject, the critically acclaimed crime series on FX was filled with UFO scenes or vanishing riddles since the first episode of season 2.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Before every episode, we are told that the events and characters depicted in the show are all very real, and only the names have been changed out of respect for the dead.

The whole season is a puzzle itself and significant details may be hard to catch for even the sharpest eye or Fargo fanatics. So, let’s analyze.


Let’s pick up where we left off. The last piece of the puzzle we talked about is Lou’s dying wife finding the strange drawings in her father’s (or mother’s) room. We still don’t know why the mother isn’t present. She could’ve been abducted and not dead as we first thought. We can’t be sure if the drawings were made by the Sheriff or his wife. In the latest episode (season 2, episode 9), we get some clues but are still left staring at the sun.

First, the terminally ill wife falls to the kitchen floor. Her daughter, who has a mysterious visitor in her room, in the person of a young beautiful woman, holds a drawing of a strange creature with 3 UFOs of different sizes above it. When the woman urges her to show her mother, the toddler finds her unconscious.

We catch a glimpse of an old picture of the clerk and someone who must be his daughter or wife next to signs saying WE ARE NOT ALONE or FUTURE IS HERE , KEEP YOUR EYES TO THE SKY and a picture of a UFO, at the gas station, as the he tries to make a call before receiving a subtle head shot. This leads us to believe the young girl in the photo had also been abducted and her father has been seeking answers ever since (posting signs).


This girl, probably missing since who knows when, is surely the visitor of Lou’s daughter. This visitor, who is very likely extraterrestrial, places something inside a drawer. It could be a tiny medicine kit or recording device…

When Lou calls to check on his wife, we hear the ringing phone and see the shattered glass she left through the kitchen when falling, but there’s no sign of her. From what we’ve seen so far, the aliens have a tendency to abduct or at least visit the females in the series, maybe for study, maybe for impregnation.

Then, comes the blast. In the middle of the main violence scene (which is practically the show’s theme), a huge, round, UFO lights up the motel’s parking lot, thus rescuing Lou just as he was about to be strangled by the powerful hands of Bear, who is caught off guard and shot in the head by the deputy. 

In a wide view of the parking lot, we can clearly see the UFO shining bright blue circular lights on 3 spots, one where the chocking incident was taking place, and on 2 other fallen shooters (presumably dead, but maybe alive). It hovers very low and flashes many other lights, before shutting them down and quietly leaving when the Blumqists stare at it.


UFOs have been known to frequent conflict areas and even try to stop the violence or somehow help the weak. The aliens could’ve helped Lou out of mercy for his dying wife, or as a strange compensation for abducting her mother (or even his daughter in the past or future, judging by her drawings).


Fargo fanatics however, have noticed that anybody who encountered the UFO died soon afterwards. That may be, but the extraterrestrials could also bring them back to life or even use their bodies as earthly vessels.

At the end, on the background of the classic “cops rushing in scene,” the UFO slowly takes off in the horizon, towards a strange, barely visible, moonlike celestial body.

Keep your eyes to the sky, and tell us what we missed.