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Man Captures UFO in Clinton, New York.

A man in Clinton New York filmed a UFO that landed right in front of him. The witness stated “My phone camera stopped working right before the UFO shot straight up in the air. The audio was removed due to swearing.”

The UFO is blueish in color and seemed quite small. Not small enough to be an orb, but not large enough to be a full sized UFO ship. We cannot quite make out what it is. It could simply be some sort of 3d hologram light portrayed as well.

What are your thoughts? What do you see in the sky here in this 2 minute and 22 second clip? Do you think this is real? Edited? One thing I did notice is that a truck passed. You’d think the truck would stop or slow down, pump the brakes if it was really there. Then again, people are quite clueless when driving. I’ve seen people drive right by things simply because they were looking at the road only.

What do you think of this? What could be creating this if it isn’t a UFO?

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