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Unexplained apparitions continue to surprise the ISS crew who, as usual, decide to terminate the live feed for unclear reasons. We deserve to know what is going on!

A strange light manifesting near the station has been spotted this time, and while the station’s personnel was clearly intrigued about the strange sighting as they deliberately moved the camera towards the UFO and zoomed in, the live feed got terminated with the usual blue screen popping up. Is it because they’ve learned from previous mistakes and can’t afford to be taken by surprise anymore?

The curious sighting was witnessed live by Scott Warring, a renowned UFO hunter. He declared that:

I was watching the Space Station live cam when I noticed the camera switch to a new camera. Then, the camera began to swing to the left until it focused on a white oval between it and Earth. The object had matched its speed with the Space Station.


 The camera then continued to zoom closer and closer, but all we could see was a glowing white oval. The vibrating light from the UFO was so powerful that even NASA’s new seven million dollar HD cameras could not properly focus on it.”

Warring claims that he has contacted NASA in the hope of getting more details regarding the unusual event that was filmed relatively close to the ISS, but no answers were released by the space agency until now, and judging by the previous situations involving such bizarre encounters, the official response might never arrive.

After a closer analysis of the video, several conclusions were drawn: the ISS camera is deliberately pointed at the UFO; its emitted color is very peculiar as it is fluorescent and neon-like, rather than yellowish or bright orange, fact indicating that the light is coming from inside the UFO and not from the Sun.

Another interesting matter is the manner in which NASA treats this encounter. After the object appears in sight, they immediately turn the camera and start to zoom on it. At this point, we can only theorize that they understood what they were seeing so, in order to not reveal more compromising footage, they’ve decided to terminate the live transmission.