Twitter is buzzing about the deadly Travis Scott concert at the Astro World Festival. Such a suspicious scene where the more you dig, the longer you look at pictures and videos of the event, the more you wonder, what really happened at this festival, and why? 

There is an increasing number of people who speculate that the deaths of the festival goers may not have been a tragic accident, but rather a “planned” event. 

One of many strange coincidences is this sign (below) being held up by someone in the crowd that reads, “Will we survive”. What would compel someone to make a sign like that?

Screenshot from YouTube video of the Astroworld show of Travis Scott performance.

In alignment with the conspiracy theory about a Satanic worshiping Hollywood and entertainment industry, Travis Scott is alleged to be a Satanist who was promoting satanic messages throughout his concert. Travis is no stranger to rumors of participating in Satanic culture. 

Throughout the festival there were posters hanging showing a hooded reaper death-like figure accompanied by the cryptic tagline “See you on the other side”

People started dying mid show, bodies were dropping all over like a scene from a horror film. Fans were shocked by what they are calling “indifference” and complete lack of compassion from Travis.

Many eerie videos of the occurrence  are surfacing showing the gruesome scene. In one video, we see a fan climb to a cameraman and clearly hear her begging him to help stop the show so that medical professionals could make it to help fallen victims. 

“There’s someone dead in there!”

In the videos, it appears that Travis heard the fans pleas and refused them. 

In the below video, you can hear a fan pleading Travis to help the dying fans. He refused, and you hear him snap back at the fan, “Who asked me to stop?” Then heartlessly Travis is heard saying, “You know what you came here to do.” And continued his concert. 

In yet another potentially disturbing scene at Astroworld, a video shows a female concertgoer clearly in medical distress. Luckily for her, medics managed to get to her and carry her lifeless body out of the crowd.

The video pans over to Travis Scott still performing while watching creepily as the woman was carried out. Eerie and ominous. 

A DJ from the actual event itself recounts his experience, showing that the things being reported are incredibly skewed and downplayed.

So what does Travis Scott have to say about all of this? Well, a whole lot of nothing. He put out a couple videos of himself speaking on what happened, but he shows no emotion appearing insincere. See for yourself:

Suspiciously, the main stream media is reporting this as the result of 2 main causes, but neither of these reportings make sense to any critical thinking person. So, naturally, the internet has come up with its own theories.

Crowd Surge

Main stream media’s first theory claims that once headliner Travis Scott came out on stage, all hell broke loose. They say that all of what is estimated to be 50,000 people ran to the front, compressing everyone together with little air available to breathe.

Little air available? This sounds fishy. How is it that this is the only concert where the attendees are so packed and awestruck that they rush to the front and people just start going unconscious, having heart attacks, seizures, and falling out? Many many concerts have had similar sized crowds with no issues even close to this magnitude. 

For comparison: In 1999, 220,000 people attended Woodstock which later became known as the most calamitous festival of all time when 3 people died. 50,000 people attended AstroWorld and the current death toll is 8.

Mystery Attendee Injecting Drugs

While Authorities have confirmed one of the early claims that someone was injecting people with a needle during the deadly event, it is highly unlikely that this is the soul cause of this horrific incident. 

A security guard working the festival was attempting to grab or restrain someone when he felt a prick on his neck before he lost consciousness. 

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said, “(Medical staff) administered Narcan. He was revived, and the medical staff did notice a prick that was similar to a prick that you would get if someone was trying to inject.”

This theory, at first, seems plausible until you think about the sheer number of people that were passing out and having heart attacks. The victims were vast and spread out, so unless this mysterious murderer was the flash, that doesn’t make any logical sense for this to be to blame for all that carnage. 

Furthermore, there’s no way someone could have been injecting that many people without being seen by someone and reported I’m time to do some damage control.

Demonic Sacrificial Ritual

This theory seems to be social media’s most widely accept cause.
The not-so-secret group of the Illuminati seems to have been hard at work again. It is believed that mega-stars partake in satanic rituals and sacrifice in order to increase their fame and power.
One video in particular, shown below (@officialshaane), has gained lots of traction on Twitter claiming that the experience was “hell on earth” and “felt demonic”. One thing is for certain, the devil was present at that show.

The vac.cine’s Graphene Oxide

A lesser known theory gaining traction is that the new controversial Co.vid jab is to blame. One of the main concerns expressed by anti-jabbers is an ingredient called graphene oxide which is claimed to be used to control and target fully Va.xxed individuals. This was a vac.cinated only event, so all people in attendance were fully jabbed. Some people are saying that the heart attacks and unconsciousness were caused by the frequency of the music causing the graphene oxide to react inside of peoples bodies. 

There have been reports of some wild reactions of the substance in response to certain frequencies. The video below shows one such crazy response (@my4angelsktpl).

What do you think actually caused such a heart wrenching scene? 

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