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What does the future of warfare in store for us?

Could it be a future wrought with horrors, untold misery and death? Or could something else be on the horizon?

The hope, as usual, is that politicians worldwide will finally utilize the incredible communication tools (the ones that don’t poison our cells like 5G, but I digress) and learn how to hash out their differences without wars, sanctions, or conflicts.

But in the event that warfare ever does break out again on a large scale or even simply among warring countries who want to preserve the potential losses incurred by their soldiers on the battlefield, a brave new world is becoming clear: robots could be used to fight battles for us.

The case of the latest models, AI “super soldiers”, ie robots, are capable of performing insane stunts and athletic feats that 99% of humans could never dream of doing. They are capable of running at breakneck speeds, leaping through the air like massive, heavily armored pumas or lions, and generally striking fear into the hearts of all who witness what they are capable of doing.

Actually, that was just me watching one of the videos below showing a particular robot doing parkour, and imagining the terrifying future potential applications.

But alas, the truth remains: AI DARPA-funded robots are no laughing matter, and they could be here to stay in the coming years. Get ready for “modern warfare” on a whole new scale.

DARPA-Funded AI Robots Could Change Warfare Forever

One of the most famous corporations dealing with the development of humanoid robots with military applications is Boston Dynamics, the high-tech Massachusetts-based outfit that has contracts with the likes of DARPA and other shadowy military and futuristic inspired organizations funded by the more curious arms of government.

Many robots operate with software designed for realistic human simulation or to perform simple job-related tasks, but it seems like the purpose of many of these particular robots is to be used on the battlefield. Looking straight out of a violent, blockbuster videogame played for hours on end by teenagers, or perhaps the latest sci-fi movie in theaters, these robots, and CGI simulations of what they may be like in the future, show how a soldier robot might behave.

“It’s a good warning of what we can expect in the future; and I don’t think it’s too far away” writes one pundit in a recent article on the topic.

The proposed robots are able to hit targets from several yards away with lethal precision, survive heavy amounts of damage from enemy soldiers, and leap and hop out of harm’s way without as much as a second thought (or at least that’s what we’d be saying if they were remotely human or biological in nature).

Also in the bottom scene from Boston Dynamics, a next-generation, potential robot soldier is seen doing front flips, handstands, human-like leaps with its arms raised, spins in mid-air, and other deft manuevers straight out of a parkour athlete’s training regimen.

Still another video shows “creepy-crawly” battlefield robots that are said to be able to assist troops on the battlefield, by crawling low and getting behind enemy lines to perform a wide variety of functions.

Drones flying through caves with mysterious lights are among the concepts as well as robots that can navigate water, move on ice, climb fences and more.

Needless to say the U.S. Army has a long way to go to catch up to the technology of the myriad alien species that roam our galaxy, but if these concepts and battlefield machines don’t look futuristic and aren’t the beginning of a whole new era as far as combat goes, then nothing does, that much is for sure.

As a side note, it has been shown in some studies that human soldiers actually develop a human-like affinity for robots on the battlefield much the same way they do for animals. The soldiers actually view the robots as “sentient beings,” even though they are far from human in many different ways.

On the plus side, this will save lives. On the downside, the consequences of sending robots off to battle are far less grave than anything involving humans, and could tempt politicians to send them off to do their bidding more often than human soldiers, causing untold chaos.

So, what do you think about these types of robots, and are these really a good idea? Or should human beings be putting their money and creative skills to work in other, far more constructive ways?

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