The UFO phenomenon is varied, ranging from unexplained sightings to alien abductions. Throughout the years, people have had bizarre flashbacks where otherworldly beings or even humans performed different actions on them, and although when awake they couldn’t recall a thing, under hypnosis the situation changed drastically.

According to researchers, this phenomenon is widespread throughout the society, and there may be hundreds of thousands of abductees all across the globe. Even though only a small number of these people have been investigated by researchers, the information gathered offers valuable insight and above all, all the related experiences appear to have common traits, thus leading towards the same source of abduction– aliens.

The beginning of the abduction phenomenon is pinpointed in the late nineteenth century, where cases of healthy people behaving unnaturally started to emerge. Probably the most popular abduction case comes from Nome, Alaska, where 24 people mysteriously disappeared between the 1960s and 2004. FBI homicide detectives who later investigated the case dismissed the Nome missing people’s file as being due to “excessive alcohol and a harsh winter climate.” However, there are other leads pointing at a possible alien abduction, a hypothesis which was strongly supported in the 2009 movie “The Fourth Kind.”

We’re not going to focus our attention on this case though, but on another fascinating story from the 70s, where a truck driver from Argentina claimed he had been abducted by three humanoids.


Illustration from the magazine Conocer y Saber

Dionisio Llanca was a skilled truck driver born in Ingeniero Jacobacci, Rio Negro, Argentina. He got out of bed on Saturday, 27 October 1973, unaware of the events that were about to happen. After he had dinner with his uncle Enrique Ruiz, he got into his Dodge 600 truck that was fully loaded with construction materials ready to be delivered to Rio Gallegos.

He left the house at about 12:30 AM on Sunday, and because of the skills developed in his 12 years career as a driver, he noticed something was wrong at the right rear tire. However, he decided to leave the problem for later, so he departed in a trip supposed to last for 2 days. On the way to Rio Gallegos, the tire got really low under the pressure of the heavy cargo and there was nothing that Dionisio could do to remediate the problem other than to get out of the truck in the blinding dark and attempt to fix it on his own. It was 01:15 AM when he began changing the tires, alone on a desolate road.

I braked the truck on the shoulder, got down, took out the jack and the tools and began to change the tire. The road was completely deserted. All at once the road was illuminated with an intense yellow light that seemed to be about 2,000 meters distant. Because of the color I thought that they might be the headlights of a Pugeot and continued with my work. A few seconds passed and I had my shoulder to the light but it became so bright that it lighted the whole area. Now the light had changed to a bluish color similar to an electric arc welder. I tried to get up but could not rise; I had no strength, and a strange thing – – my legs would not respond. I was on my knees. I wanted to get up and look towards the woods that grew along one side of the road.

Then I saw a great thing in the form of a plate suspended in the air at some seven meters altitude, and three persons at my shoulders looking at me. I tried once more to get up but could not. The paralysis became total and I could not even talk. The three beings stood looking at me for a long time, perhaps five minutes. They were two men and a woman. The woman was between the two men. I believed it was a woman because of the form of the breast and the long hair, blonde, reaching to the middle of her shoulders.


The men were also blond with shorter hair in back. The three were about the same height, one meter and 70 or 75 centimeters, and dressed in the same manner: single piece smoky gray coverall suits well fitted to the figure, yellow boots and long gloves reaching to the middle of the arm of the same color. They had no belts, nor weapons, nor helmets nor anything else. Their faces were like ours except for high foreheads and elongated eyes, like the Japanese and a little tilted. They talked among themselves in a language impossible for me to understand. They had no vocal inflections but sounded like a radio badly tuned with chirps and buzzes.

One of them grabbed me by the neck of my sweater and lifted me firmly but without violence. I tried to talk but my voice would not come out. While the one held me up another put an apparatus in the base of my index finger on the left hand. They looked closely at the apparatus. It was like a razor but had a small tube. They applied it to me for several seconds. It did not hurt. When they left I had two drops of blood on my finger, then I passed out.”

It was about 3 AM that Sunday when Dionisio woke up between two cars in the backyard of the Sociedad Rural Bahia Blanca, approximately 9 kilometers from where he met the alien humanoids. He couldn’t recall a single thing from the past experience nor his life, so he started to walk, but soon fainted away. When he woke up again, he followed route 3 walking disoriented until a driver stopped to pick him up for he was in danger of getting killed along that road. He ended up in a local police station, and was furtherly transferred to the Hospital Espanol because the policemen though he was intoxicated.

Doctor Ricardo Smirnoff from the Hospital Espanol diagnosed Dionisio as it follows:

The subject has no visible injuries, but refuses to be touched on the head as if he is having a profound ailment located there. There is also a barely unnoticed abrasion on his left eyelid.

His memory did not return, and he was constantly crying and asking in what city he was, until the hospital staff decided to move him to the Hospital Municipal. It was on October 30, at 10 AM when the man woke up in the other hospital with his memory fully restored. First thing he did was look for a cigarette and see what time it was, but all those items were missing except for his 150,000 pesos. Although he now recalled the entire alien experience in close-up, he was more worried about his truck, but fortunately, the police informed him they found it stationed on a roadside in Villa Bordeu, approximately 18 kilometers from the town of bahia Blanca. (To be continued)