As if the Travis Scott‘s Astro World Concert was not eerie enough, there is yet more curious information unfolding. One of the most compelling of them all is a video that has emerged capturing what appears to be a shadowy alien-like figure casually walking across the top of Travis Scott’s set. 

Watch the video here:

The reason this is so alarming is that many concertgoers have reported feeling a demonic and evil presence, or “vibe”.  This  leaves the woke population wondering if this whole Luciferian scene was orchestrated by a harmful alien race. 

Some sources from the concert describing the demonic feeling in the air: 


I’m so beyond blessed. My prayers go out to everyone involved with this experience. . #astroworld #astrofest #astroworldfestival #travisscott

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Minds wander instantly to Loosh energy harvesting. For those that aren’t awakened to interdimensional happenings, Loosh is energy produced by human beings (and animals) that other entities use to feed from. The term is also used to refer to the energy that is produced from the feelings of human misery and suffering that interdimensional entities feed from. 

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The infamous interdimensional beings most known for syphoning this Loosh are the Archons.  Archons are an extremely evil alien race with an affinity for slavery, selfishness, and all things misery. 

These Archons have a pact so-to-say with the Saturn Death Cult aka our ruling class. This Saturn Death Cult originally worshiped the Sun, but they quickly realized that when they were sacrificing children to this God, specifically baby boys, a “demon“ would come into existence. This “demon” was actually an archon alien (because demons and hell aren’t actually real, but that’s a topic for a different article). Our ruling class made a business deal with them. The Archon aliens, who’s leader is Lucifer himself, would give the Saturn Death Cult all kinds of power on Earth as long as the Saturn Death Cult members would do 2 things:

1. Breed misery across the planet for the purpose of Loosh harvesting. 

2. Sign a contract in blood that would marry each Saturn Death Cult member to a single archon. While the human cult member was alive, the Archon would be his slave and serve the cult member’s every wish through various methods.

Many celebrities have this Blood Doctrine which is where they sign their soul to an Archon where, yes, the Archon becomes their slave while they are on Earth granting them fame and riches. However, there is a second less desirable part to this deal. Their soul is doomed to become the Archons slave after they die. 

Does Travis Scott have such a Blood Doctrine? Is this evil Loosh harvesting for their Archon Allies the reason for the concerts disturbing carnage? And most importantly, was an Archon finally captured on film? 

We may never know for sure, but I’d say this is some pretty convincing information! 

To learn about all the disturbing things that happened at the concert click here!

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