In a newly-released set of NASA images, a 2-mile high structure is seen standing tall on the dwarf planet Ceres. They must have overlooked it.

The strange tower on Ceres was not able to escape the keen eye of prolific alien hunter Scott Waring, though.

An intriguing structure that seems artificial in nature, the tower can be found a short distance away from the infamous crater which is said to house even more alien buildings.

In another nearby crater, a strange hexagonal structure can be seen and not far away lies yet another tower. Not as tall as the other one, this secondary tower is an intriguing find nonetheless.

Although small and lacking an atmosphere, Ceres makes for one captivating celestial body. Only recently, astronomers announced the discovery of organic molecules on the surface of the dwarf planet. Furthermore, its position (smack in the middle of the asteroid belt) would make it an ideal place for aliens to build an outpost or mining facility.

Is this another tower on Ceres or are we being deceived by our own brains?

The organic compounds on Ceres could be used to produce fuel and probably sustenance while the proximity of asteroids would guarantee the acquisition of metals and minerals is an easy job.

In 2015, shortly after the Dawn spacecraft executed its first flyby of the tiny planetoid, the internet was inundated with theories about what really went on/still goes on Ceres.

Official NASA images provided many points on which conspiracy theories were hinged. Of particular interest were the highly-reflective structures nestled inside Ceres’ most prominent crater, Ernutet. Another theory maintained that an entrance to inner Ceres was visible near its south pole.

Whatever the truth might be, one thing is certain: people are fascinated with this tiny rocky body and the possibility that it once housed alien life forms. And who knows, maybe they’re still there but we just can’t see them.

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